The article will help you understand the difference between cloud hosting and reseller hosting so that you can choose any one of them as per the needs of your business. Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where various resources like the software, hardware, and the servers are located in remote corners within a network. Since this hosting type allows the user to pool their resources this arrangement makes the entire system very efficient. Servers in groups provide the users with unlimited power and availability for hosting websites; users are also permitted to add additional servers as per their requirements.

A reseller hosting is a type of hosting that allows the user to host websites for other parties. Here the user can purchase services from the mother company and then resell them to other third parties. The reseller makes these purchases at a subsidized rate from the mother company. A certain portion of the services are utilized by the reseller and the other half is sold to the third party. A reseller may be a system integrator, website developer or a web designing agency that offer high quality add on services. These hosting services are specially tailored for those who have been just introduced to the industry of web hosting.

A reseller cloud hosting service provider caters to a small market and does not need to utilize the huge amount of disk space and bandwidth. These service providers can earn good amount of profit simply by marketing and getting more customers and by utilizing storage space and bandwidth. If the client faces any technical problems with the website then the problem is taken up by the mother company.

These reseller service provider are just perfect for those who cannot collaborate with the original host because of the lack of proper resources. All of the maintenance is taken care of by the reseller. The reseller plays the role of a mediator between the hosting company and the client at all times.

A reseller cloud hosting service provider is considered to be the best as it fulfilled every single requirement when it comes to web hosting. The users are given the liberty to step up or turn down the performance of the server as and when required

and this can be done without paying any extra charges at all which is a huge benefit and goes down very well with the clients. For this kind of cloud hosting the user only has to pay for the services that he or she uses.

Now the market is flooded with hosting companies but if you want to hire the best cloud servers you will have to deal very carefully with the whole thing. You should spend some time on the internet looking up names of reliable service providers. You should note down a few names and then start comparing the services and the price that they are offering. Do not hire a company simply because it s cheap you should go through the feedback that the customers have left behind. These testimonials will help you decide whether you should hire the company or not.