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Microsoft World Wide Web (WWW)

Microsoft World Wide Web (WWW)

Service supports HTTP, allowing users to publish content to the Internet. The Web is the most graphical services on the Internet that has the most sophisticated linking capabilities.

Whether your site is on an Intranet or the Internet, the principles of providing content are the same.

You place your files in directories on your Web site so users can view your files with a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can publish documents in HTML format that includes text, graphics, animation or video.

WWW Services also allows you to install business applications on your Web site so customers can order products or fill out forms.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) features improved transfer speed, tighter logon security and additional virtual abilities.

IIS provides users with a Web Server that is standards based by supporting the new HTTP functionality and helping to increase overall performance over the Internet.

Internet Services

IIS provides support for such standard Internet services as World Wide web, File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and Network New Transfer Protocol.

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