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Today the online world is just like an open sky where one can advertise regarding their products and services all over the world. The most popular requirement while moving to the online world is to have a website that depicts your business. It will help people to have an idea regarding any unknown business easily. It is very important to host it so that people living in any part of the world can get information regarding you. The most important part of hosting website is to have the server that can store website and the way through which one can access the website.

Steps Involved to Install

The first basic step if to download the Apache server that is easily available. It is very important to get the latest version of it. There are license and agreements that have to agree on to move forward. Once you install it on your system, go for all the other details that are important to host website. The first thing is network domain and server name. It is the name that will be used to access your website all over the world. The other details taken here is the host email address so that host can get information if there is any problem. There is an option to selected port through which users can connect to the website. The next step is to change the path of your Apache and thus store anywhere in your computer. There is a folder named web that will have a conf folder which is very important. Now next step is to create a directory in your root directory for the website.

Web Site Configuration

The configuration required running any website is located in httpd.conf file and so it is now required to be changed. You have created a root directory for your website and so it is not to be changed in the conf file. The Apache default server root is not to be changed to root you created before these step. It will make your apache server to go to your root directory. Also, you are required to change Apache web directory to your own directory. These types of changes will make your server to your root directory. It will also help to make website global. Now just place your website in your root directory folder only. It is very important to open port 80 for executing any website thus it will give a message to open it. Once you open it can allow apache server to start your website. But before going further check whether it is available in a local browser or not. Once you find that it is running locally, go to a global server.


The IP address is very important for other to get your website executed in their system. It is not possible for anyone to remember IP address and so it is advisable to point it to any name and thus make it easy to remember it. Once you have pointed IP address to name you can easily run website form any pace and thus make it global. Thus, the whole process is very easy if followed properly to start your own website server created by you. Now enjoy creating a different website and advertise your product to friends.

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