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Colocation Server Hosting features

Colocation server is beneficial to businesses and individuals that do not want the expense of maintaining in-house dedicated servers or cann't get the data center. We offer remotely managed rack with the advantages of world-class facilities.
Onsite Support – Free access to the network, phone line and work area at the data center. You can also request reboots for your equipment 24/7/365.

Efficiency of web server location in the performance of a server

Web server is a kind of hardware that stores all the data and information in one place and others can access these data and information from that server. A web hosting server should be very fast and should communicate with other servers efficiently. It must have a huge disk space to store all the data and information. It should never be down and should function all the time. Various platforms such as windows or Linux can be used to host a website.

A Linux web server is much more popular than other kinds of web servers as it is an open source platform with the help of which there is always a scope for changing the codes and improving the look and feel of the website. As most of the customers do not require the user friendliness of the windows operating system, it is better to use a Linux web server as the cost is less. A web hosting server based on the windows platform is user friendly but it requires more budgets. But on the other hand, Linux is an open source platform and it does not require many budgets to host a Linux web server.

Web server location is very important because it is one of the main factors that decide the performance of the server. A web server should be located in such a place from where the network is possible to access and the connectivity to other sources is very good. The web servers that are located globally require efficient backup and an excellent processor to function very fast. Those web servers that are located in a particular geographical location do not require so many resources and can function well with minimum resources.

It is very important for servers to have fast download speed. The speed also depends on the web server location. If a user wants to download a comparatively larger file, then the speed should be good enough so that the user is not disappointed. Disappointment in the customers can spell doom for the web hosting companies. The speed of downloading any file from the server also depends on the web page that you are trying to download. If a web page is simple, then it does not require much time to download. But if the page is complex, then it requires more time.

A web server can be made easily accessible if efficient coding is done to make the web pages less complex and easily navigable. Easily navigable web pages also help the customers to browse through the pages and search easily for the content. Many a times it is required to test the connection and performance of the server. This performance can be tested by sending a signal to the IP address of the server. For a server to respond fast, the web server location again plays an important role. If the web server location is good, then the server will respond to the signal faster and thus the performance can be tested well. Thus, the customers are also pleased with good performance of the web server.

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