HostV : Company Overview

HostV is a fully devoted towards hosting services. It is well known and user friendly Linux hosting service provider that deals in Dedicated, Hybrid and Cloud Servers. HostV also follows all the related aspects that are followed by all other web hosting providers. It is providing all essential features that are provided by other hosting providers. But at the same time HostV is much different from them and have unique place in web hosting industry, because of its reliability and dedication towards customer satisfaction.

It provides all main basic templates that are used by most of the organizations and corporate houses for their web presence, but other than this it is a solution for Content management system (CMS), Blogs, Forums, e-commerce and media serving platforms.

Features that makes HostV more reliable

There are numerous features that make it more reliable, adoptable and approachable. Some of its main features that are available in all hosting packages provided by the company are:

  • Powerful and Reliable: HostV’s servers are highly dedicated towards their work thus they are always available when their need is generated. All servers of HostV’s are available with KVM installation which protect your systems from hardware failure and gives you more reliability.
  • High Security : As Linux web hosting has more security and Linux is itself a secure platform but HostV provides additional security with their safeguards and firewalls like enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) that means if your server fails due to any reason, your data cluster will lead to you through alternatives.
  • CPanel : That’s a common property in all hosting packages and in all hosting service provider. CPanel contains all the essential controls to control your website through server.
  • Scalability : HostV provides more reliable servers that don’t need to reboot after the upgrades.
  • No long term contract needed : HostV’s hosting plans are customer friendly and created according to the customer’s need. HostV allows us to pay monthly as well as long term payment for saving money.
  • Free migration assistance : HostV also provides migration service free of cost which means you can move your OS and your data from other system or environment.
  • Robust Data Centers: HostV have more secure and speedier way of data transfer through their data centres that are SAS70 type II certified. Their unique SSD caching technology improves user experience through faster page loading.
  • Free On Demand Backup: HostV provides on demand backup and up to two backups are free for the users. Their servers are covered with on site backups and their re-installation at any time for disaster recovery and data prevention.

Customer Service

Hostv hosting providers provides full support to their customers. They provide 24/7/365 customer support. Their friendly and expert staff clear all the issues related to their services and other hosting related problems. They are giving their assistance through three major ways:

  • Through Call
  • Through Mails
  • Through Online Chats

These customer services are always activated and give desired assistance as soon as possible. Most of their customers are highly satisfied with their assistance and their problem solving behaviour. According to their reviews, if we give ratings to their services, we found that it takes around 4.5 out of 5.

Complementary Features

Other than above features, HostV have more additional and special features that are its speciality too. Like it has SLA guaranteed 99.9% up time, fastest speed (136x faster from others) and self healing cloud environment with auto fail over protection.

Where most of other Linux web hosting providers feel uncomfortable for media streaming, HostV is a hope for media organizations with its unique media hosting for all types of media options.