dedicated-serverIf you've decided to move from a shared hosting plan to a dedicated hosting option, you may have to change hosting providers. Some hosting companies offer both options, but unless moving to a dedicated plan that your current company offers make sense, you'll have to switch companies entirely – and that's not always easy to do.

How to Switch Web Hosting Companies

First, don't close your existing account just yet. Keep your account running and your website running until you've signed all the paperwork and made sure that everything safely moved. What needs to be moved? Your file transfers, email options, DNS modifications, and everything else about your site.

Why should you wait before you close down your other account? If you shut down your current hosting account before you make a move, you can say goodbye to your site. Sure, it means paying for two plans during the transition period, but that's a better option than letting your site die while you move.

Back It Up

Make sure that you backup a copy of your current website. Things can go wrong when you move, and this could mean that you'll lose a portion (or all) of your site. Never assume that a backup isn't necessary. It might take some time to backup your existing site, but that time will be well worth it!

Keep Some Things the Same

What happens if you move your site and change your email? That's not a good combination. Try to keep the same email at all costs. This way, your clients can reach you no matter where you move or what you do. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to reach a company that's moved and doesn't provide the same contact email (or, at least, a forwarding email!).

Put It All Together

After you've signed a new contract, have backed up your files, and have made sure that your contact is still the same, you can make the domain name server (DNS) changes. But, again, I caution you to make sure that everything is lined up, backed up, and ready to go before you even consider switching hosting providers.

Changing hosting providers from one that offers only shared hosting to one that offers (supported) manual hosting is a great idea if your site is growing. But, so many companies make the mistake of not preparing for this move. The result? A website that loses clients is a complete mess and loses all of the traction it once had. Don't make this mistake!

If you need some help choosing a dedicated hosting plan, ask us. We've taken the time to review and compile a list of large dedicated hosting options for you to consider. Read through our suggestions, and find a hosting provider that offers dedicated hosting in addition to plenty of backup support when you need it.