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Increase Website Traffic Grows Sales

Increase Website Traffic Grows Sales

The ultimate goal is to thrive web hosting business and increase sales. For the last two decades, the companies have remained dependent on Search Engine traffic and doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They leverage strategic keywords and valuable content to drive traffic towards a website. There was a time people searched only on Google, Bing, & Yahoo, but now social media platforms have also started playing the role of search engines. Businesses go where their customers are available or searching for resources and solutions. They make strategies to gain the top search results, to gain a competitive edge.

The companies hire specialized SEO who uses traditional and non-traditional methods to optimize a website, thus increasing traffic and sales. Earlier content, multiple C-Class IPs, keywords, descriptions, backlinks were essential aspects of SEO. A dedicated IP address increases website loading speed and brings increased security, which Google & Bing have considered a crucial criterion since 2016. A dedicated IP is like having a unique identifying number on the web. Offshore web hosting was a prevalent practice to host a website in the US or Europe-based data-centers, which spend on standard data encryption, security, equipment, and much more. The SEO team focused on gaining quality links from other websites. 

Earlier, only ‘.com' domain extensions were considered suitable for ranking higher in search results, but this concept slowly faded away as country-code top-level domains emerged. They significantly affect a website's ranking on a geographical search level.

The web-admin started working on improving search engine optimization (SEO)

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WIPO Copyright Treaty: In 2018, India became a member of the WIPO Copyright Treaty, thereby granting the same legal enforceability to the DMCA as India's existing domestic laws.

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