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Virtual machine families Azure Virtual Machine


Azure Managed storage

The VM is equipped with at least two disks:

The Ultra disk provides the maximum throughput, disk size, and IOPS. Provision and deploy SQL Server to Azure virtual machines

VM Families

depending on vCPU, RAM( GiB), Data disks, Max IOPS, Premium disk support, and cost per month.

Available Deployment Options

Azure Marketplace

It is a centralized location for deploying Azure resources with predefined templates to quickly deploy a SQL Server on Windows, Linux OS by providing necessary information such as VM name, storage configuration. A user selects the workload environment and workload type.

Azure PowerShell cmdlets

https:// powershell for writing PowerShell code.

cmdlets to deploy and manage Azure resources

Azure command-line interfaces (CLI)

The CLI script uses fewer lines of code and provides more flexibility than the PowerShell. It uses the following CLI commands.
az group create
az vm create

Azure Resource Manager templates

It provides resource deployment using the single declarative template using the configuration in a JSON document. A user can define the standard template and use the parameters for providing runtime information. Further, can deploy it using the Azure DevOps pipeline or custom deployment blade using the Azure portal.

SQL deployment options

Supported SQL Server technologies for Business Continuity

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