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Paypal and Credit Card

Paypal is more secure, simple and easy, but not allowed in few countries.

These day’s businesses have started depending on the usage of the internet much more than before. The internet allows businesses to have access to a bigger market. So companies are now paying special attention in hosting their own websites. However, a proper domain needs to be selected when hosting a website. It is best to go for a service provider that will make sure that your website can be accessed at all times and fast. Since the level of competition has risen considerably over the last few years it wise to pay attention to the functioning of the website.

To attract the customers in visiting their websites, business owners have started hiring the help of reliable and reputed service providers. You should keep in mind that the more interactive your website is the more it will be noticed by the people. You should also make sure that your website has a sped that is more than average as this will prompt the visitors to stay longer on the website. Since the competition has increased so much reseller hosting service providers have cut their prices substantially.

Since most of these service providers function on resold or shared servers their total costs are very low. The total performance is very impressive and is at par with any other new server. Certain companies provide linux hosting services that are very compatible with most websites. Roundcube and zencart are some of the other hosting services that are used by businesses for their prompt services. Most of the hosting services are PHP and MySQL the different functions can be performed with a lot of speed.  Since these hosting servers are very efficient they are used for making payments online by using paypal payment gateway.

Many companies are now taking the initiative of providing website domains to the customers which are free from any technical disturbances. It is predicted that in the future the websites will have a lot of savings so that there is scope for investments towards the improvement of the website. The payment plans have also come down considerably; ever since the concept of reseller hosting has emerged. The unlimited reseller hosting and unlimited linux hosting are very much preferred by the website owners. The number of hosting service providers are increasing everyday since businesses houses are using the internet on a regular basis. As a business owner if you are interested in hiring the services of such a company you should take the time in looking for names on the internet. Do not settle for a company simply because it is offering low prices. Make sure you go through the video testimonials of the previous customers to get an idea on the quality of services provided by the company.

The presence of reseller hostings and linux hosting has improved the procedure through which most websites are hosted. These service provides make websites that are very easy to use and go down very well with the people. Follow the tips in the article and you should have no problems availing the services of a reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to customers, possibly for a profit.

A certain portion of hard drive and bandwidth is allocated to the reseller account. The reseller may rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, or resell shared hosting services. In the latter case, the reseller is simply given the permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to his own customers without renting a server from a web hosting company he signed for a reseller account with.

A control panel is provided with the plan with the help of which you can access your account.

Reseller Panel payments

Resellers Panel is paying once per month the due commissions to all resellers, who have signed up for our services. You will receive a bank wire, check or a Paypal payment from Resellers Panel at the beginning of each month. The first payment will be made 30 days after the end of month, in which you sign up for our services.

IMPORTANT: Please note that from 29th day of the present month until 6th day of the next month, the current payment method cannot be changed.

You will be provided with detailed reports to help you track each sale or upgrade. For your convenience, we also permit you to set minimum amount, after the accumulation of which, your commission payment will be released to you.

Resellers Panel statistics:

Resellers Panel provides you with a complete tracking information – number of web hosting sales and upgrades; domain name registrations; refunds; detailed information on daily traffic and referrers. All these statistics help you to manage your reseller hosting business. By tracking all visitors, you will also be able to reduce advertisement spending and find out easily, which marketing campaigns are successful and worth the investment.

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