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SiteGeek Segmented MediaEffective persuasion requires both advertising and publicity. To attain and retain a good reputation, planned efforts are required to establish and improve 2-way communication between company and customers, thus enabling the mutual understanding between them.

Newspaper, Television, and Radio Commercials, Pamphlets and Brochures are 1-way communication channels, where hosting companies persuade to potential buyers. All these mentioned are modes of mass media communication.  According to ‘’ companies goal is 25% of a target audience, this would be very small in terms of potential customers, then “Why companies do advertisements on mass media channels? Why they are not focused on media channels, which are developing their target customers?”

An approach of most of the Hosting companies have now changed, they are more selective and relying on channels offering 2-way communication, where they can be sending a message and receiving feedback, success mantra has now become 2-way communication. A market study has shown that there is a drop in the revenues of traditional media. It is shifted to segmented media such as special magazines and Site Geek on the Internet.

2-way Communication – SiteGeek Segmented Media

During this past decade, ‘’ has emerged as one of the specialized media on Internet, offering new 2-way communication channels and have significantly broadened the opportunities to grow a selective audience for hosting companies. The website is oriented towards building the brand image of hosting companies and creating relationships with the hosting community. Continuous research is going on the website to evolve and prepare modules to assist the hosting customers and respond to changes occurring due to change in technology.

Dominance – SiteGeek Segmented Media’ is going to dominate the hosting world as it offers more interactivity and frequency of contacts with visitors to a website. Modules are website offers personal and non-personal communication, where the visitors are able to interact and communicate their issues, requirements, and ideas. Companies are more persuasive to elicit purchase and repurchase their products and services. For that, they want to win the opinion and attitude of hosting visitors. Information conveyed by these hosting companies is available in all formats text, numbers, images and videos.

Interactive Medium – SiteGeek Segmented Media’ is available on both Internet and Mobile. The Internet is now prevalent among most people and mobile is also becoming an interactive medium.  Latest mobiles are capable of features of computers and Internet and are able to process information. Website analytics reveals that most of the viewers are coming from mobile and stays on the website for a long time.

Mobile is available to users anywhere and anytime and has enabled visitors to respond to reviews instantly. This has increased the synchronicity of website. Reviewer’s identity is never revealed on a website, as only usernames are displayed, thus anonymity is high on Site Geek. This feature on the website is there to receive sincere opinions on products and services of hosting companies and reviewers are also comfortable with it. This also leads the hosting companies to pay more attention to needs of customers and their preferences and offer discounts, rebates or premiums.’ wants to become a hosting information highway, where visitors can search the intended information.