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Hosting Review CbwebspaceCbwebspace is a popular service provider of cheap hosting specifically for beginners and professionals. It is directly managed by Lutvi Avandi and supported by experienced servers. All data is backed up with power system and regular backup system to maintain safety of customer’s data. Additionally, their support team monitors the server 24/7. Network is connected through 10 gigabit Ethernet wavelength handoff on dual-path DWDM fiber optic transport connections. Company uses quality hardware and software to run the system. Server up time is always 99%. Their hosting features include unlimited mail forwards, domain theft protection, bulk tools, domain forwarding, DNS management, user-friendly control panel and more. : Company Overview

CB Webspace is a standard which means CafeBisnis Web space. It is a service provider with very low price hosting, especially for bloggers. It is for both starters and professionals as well. It provides web space which is one of the best who has received numerous awards worldwide for very low prices. Online business runs over the Internet. Anyone can run an online business with speedy internet connection. Internet has been used by millions of people in the world.

It can sell batik to Malaysia without any shopping place there. It can introduce local handicrafts to the US without flying there. The world is available on a mouse pad.

Reliability & performance

CafeBisnis, taught that how to run a business by using the internet enlightenment. With its help, it is easy to work from home & earn money through the internet. It is rendering servers with great performance & reliability. With refund policy, it is quiet dependable & because of it, a person can take a chance easily.

Hosting plans

It has various hosting plans; one option is Single package which is appropriate for starters who just have a single domain to learn faster. Another one is Package newbie, appropriate for starters who wants a business web and personal web. One more plan is Medium package that is appropriate for small companies that are ready to go for international business and wants to go for overseas markets. One more plan is Business package which is suitable for those who want to go for online business seriously.

Control panel & features

It renders various offers to its customers like hosting 500 MB in economical price. They recently made a change in their payment system. Free domain for the social institution, as awareness for the development of Islamic da`wah institutions. Domain transfer is an added feature. It is well known, using a free hosting is very perilous. Security is not guaranteed, account of a person can get close any time, and the servers are frequently down. Various options to choose from (com, .net, .org or .info & more) are available.


24/7 support through various means are available.

Pros & cons is a hosting service provider, renders services at affordable price with all amenities & with a refund policy.

Once a person uses its services, then only he will be able to know about problems.

Refund policy

There is an availability of refund within 30 days from buying date. It is a big support for buyers.

Conclusion is an Indonesian web hosting company. It can be interesting info to purchase cheap domain dot net. For a new hosting Cbwebspace has a glorious achievement. is planning to expand to the SG server. However, they are not able to find it till now, US server which is in use is still reliable as it was earlier.