There are very many dangerous sites on the web, it’s very important to check whether a website is safe to visit. You can do this by using various online tools to detect a secure site.  Many people have websites on the web but do not have any idea on how to know if a site is dangerous or not.  You can tell a dangerous site by cross-checking a URL before logging into any site, regardless of how safe it looks.  Most browsers are also quite helpful as they offer a color change on the left side of the location bar that shows whether a site is legitimate and has been verified.  The Comodo Web Inspector is great way of checking whether a website is safe to visit or not.

There are various tools online that can be used to detect a dangerous site on the web. The first tool is the Norton Safe web.  This is an excellent tool that one can use to detect a dangerous site though it does not work as fast as before.  On the other hand, this tool however only works for sites that are indexed by Norton Online security. The other tool that can be use to check if a site is safe is the Anti-Malware Scanner by Google. This online security tool is supported by Big G. the link scanner online is another safe browsing tool from AVG and works very fast. On top of that, using it is very easy since all you have to do is type the requests for rating the site long with the site’s URL and then receive the results almost immediately. The web of trust, WOT is the final tool that one can use to detect a dangerous site. WOT is a small program that the user installs on the web browser, either Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and so forth. WOT determines the safety of a site based on two main sources: opinions and votes from Web of Trust community users and from reputable sources such as JoeWein, Phish Tank and so forth.  The McAfee site advisor is a tool provided by McAfee and is downloaded on your PC and works together with the web browser plug in that you use. This tool rates a site and blocks you from visiting it if it seen to be dangerous.

Some of the ways that you can use to secure your website are: by ensuring that you have all the security updates on your PC installed constantly. Another way that you can secure your site is by carrying out a scan of your web space as it keeps you updated on any malicious codes or malicious software around you. It is also important to ensure that you use a secure connection every time you are online as it keeps away any potential hackers. Passwords are another thing that you must use to secure your site. The passwords that you use must be strong and complex and more so must be changed constantly to keep away security threats.

In conclusion, you must always check whether a site is safe before you visit it, this helps in reducing the number of potential threats to your site. There are also quite a number of tools to detect a dangerous site on the web, use them; they go a long way in helping keep you away from dangerous websites. Remember there are very many dangerous sites on line that you must protect yourself from this.