It is a time of globalization & internet provides a medium for international business to a company. That is why nowadays web technology is very much popular. Currently, it provides various advanced features. The website becomes an essential part of every business. Not only this but these websites should also be highly functional and visually attractive. The process by which a good website, mobile apps or other similar platforms are created is known as web development. Web programming language is an important part of web development. Interactive design with concepts, technologies and mediums help to attract more customers.


In today’s competitive market it is always a challenge to remain up to date. Endless opportunities are opened with every new format. That is why in every few days there is something new introduced in the world of internet.


Companies employ developers and designers for the architecture of the PC and the desktop browser-based Web. Web apps and websites are mostly written in HTML or CSS. Progressive Web apps start out as tabs in Chrome and progressively become more apps. Progressive Web apps are linkable with a URL & are fully responsive and secure.


A web developer is a programmer who is specialized in the development of World Wide Web applications & distributed network applications which are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.


A web developer should be expertise in programming languages. A web developer should have a good knowledge of JavaScript & HTML. They also have a basic knowledge of client-server communication, JSON, node.js. There are lots of enterprises which have been already invested heavily in Microsoft and Java technologies. If a person wants to maximize the number of job opportunities in web development field, then he should do JavaScript, .NET or Java as it is the most popular programming language nowadays.


Web development is complicated but interesting work. It is a kind of work which has affected a large number of people. Thinking that code has a power that a site can be accessed from almost anywhere on Earth gives a feeling of wow!
Web development is a term which is used to refer the process of creating a website. It can range from developing a simple single page to various complex pages. Web development covers various actions & practices. In the recent few years, web development has taken the definition of the creation of CMS. CMS is the mid-step between the user and the database.


Web development is one of the most exciting fields right now. It really hit its progress when the smartphone made its triumphant debut just a few years ago. However, it was just the beginning. There are mainly three points of achievements which web development will show in further years.

  1. Responsive Design In the Future
  2. Design Elements Will Become More Uniform
  3. The Semantic Web Will Come of Age

Nowadays industries are growing dramatically & expanding its reach onto new platforms and to new audiences. The increasing adoption of mobile products is affecting web developers approach & their work. Technology development challenges them to build sites that not only function but also have the capacity to work on a smartphone as they do on a desktop.