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Hosting Review Temok

About Company – Hosting Review Temok

Establishment: 2014

After its inception, company has been offering good hosting services and developing business at affordable price. They provide dedicated servers, website design, shared hosting, website management, SEO, domain name registration, application development, logo design, internet marketing and more. Best of all, Temok helps the customers to focus on their business as this company makes digital aspects very easier for the users.

Temok Area of Functionality:

Benefits of using Linux Shared hosting, Linux reseller hosting and Linux SEO hosting

Integrated IT solutions for Business

Web hosting, cloud elastic infrastructure, VPS web servers, website design, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and VPS servers

Advisory Services:

24 hours quality support, flexible, 15 day money back guarantee and use of control panel

Business offers Solutions:

Free weebly SiteBuilder and website building tools, free website templates, free website transfer, domain transfer and MySQL transfer.

About Customers – Hosting Review Temok

What for Customers?


Temok support team is easy to get connected with. Customers can contact with support staff via live chat, phone and through ticketing system as well. Team will help to resolve issues quickly and avoid further issues also. Apart from this, support team do not have FAQ or knowledge base which can help customers with learning more about hosting they provide.

Customer Base:

They have maintained server networks in several countries including USA, Sweden, Luxembourg and Netherland.

Company Operations Located:

Headquarters located in Dubai and offices in USA, UK and some other countries as well.

Reliability and Uptime Report:

Temok offers 99.9% uptime guarantee to all their customers. Private customers request SLA coverage at the time of signup. Registered companies automatically covered by service level agreement. Negative part is, company fails to maintain their guaranteed uptime. Customers can request the credit within 7 days of when downtime occurs.

Plan and Pricing:

Temok offers in hosting service – Linux shared hosting, linux reseller hosting and Linux SEO hosting. There are four plans available for the users. ‘Starter plan’ provides 50GB RAID protection storage along with unlimited add-on domains, parked domains, unlimited bandwidth, sub domains and free setup. ‘Premium plan’ also include same features as starter plan except 100GB RAID storage and their ‘Business plan’ has 150 GB RAID storage.

Company’s dedicated servers’ starts with low cost but it includes set up fee. Their pricing range for dedicated servers depends on Hardware and RAM used by the server.

Features and Control Panel:

When it comes to hosting, you can find number of options to choose from Temok. But first you have to select whether you need hosting based in US or Netherlands. Always choose the option which is closet to target audience. You can find range of shared hosting options to fulfill your hosting needs. All of them come with unlimited domains and bandwidth including disk space ranges from 50-200 gigs. Apart from this, you can also choose VPS solution that is more powerful. Though VPS you can get everything you need to run any type of site. Temok VPS solution comes with free reboots, lifetime hardware guarantee, choice of operating system, full root access high uptime guarantee and more. Their dedicated server also have plenty to choose from. Dedicated servers are in US data centers.

Temok’s each hosting packages include cPanel that is the most popular web hosting control panel. Without much knowledge about the servers you can use plenty of their great hosting features. You can create your email account, database setup in just a few clicks. cPanel allows you to access and manipulate database.

Technical Support:

Technical support is available 24/7 via live chat, phone or ticketing system. Moreover, community forums are available in an extensive knowledge.



Cancellation and Refund Policy

Temok offers 15 day money back guarantee on reseller hosting, shared hosting and cloud VPS. After 15 days according to eligible plans, amount will be credited on pro rata basis. No refunds on dedicated servers.


Overall, Temok hosting is an excellent company. It’s a new company as compared to others, but still doing exceptional job and meeting the needs of their users. If you need hosting in Netherland or US, Temok seems the best option for both new comers and existing customers.

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