Avoid Free Hosting

There are many free web hosting companies are available but it is also recommended that we should avoid using these free web hosting services. Why?

  • Most free web hosting services require ads to be shown in various places on your web pages. This is typically their only source of revenue, so it is normally required in exchange for their free service. A web host runs an affiliate advertisement to make money.
  • Cannot budget for a support staff so if your site goes down or you have questions you're out of luck.
  • If you expect a decent amount of traffic to your site, you'd better make sure you have the necessary server capacity, response time, and bandwidth speed that most web users require. Don't expect a free web host to provide this.
  • No Scalability: Website cannot grow further beyond limitations. While this may be sufficient for smaller sites, you will not have much opportunity for growth. The website owner understands the limitations and want to build information site with limited commercial opportunities.
  • Some free web hosts will not allow you to sell add space on your website.
  • Impose severe restrictions on what can and cannot be displayed on websites.
  • Quite Basic Template designs: Most good websites nowadays employ some form of dynamic scripting. Many free web hosts do not support some of the newer dynamic web technologies such as PHP, ASP, Perl, MySQL, etc. While paid web hosts will normally bend over backwards to not only support these technologies, but provide customer support for configuring and using these technologies. To overcome restrictions, the customer asked to upgrade to a premium package.
  • They make money by spamming you with e-mail advertisements or selling your contact information to other sources.
  • Little or No support available