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CloudFlare Overview

CloudFlare, a US-based provider offers the services of distributed domain name server and content delivery network to the clients all over the world. It acts as a mediator between company`s hosting provider and their visitors, for client`s websites, it acts as a reverse proxy. CloudFlare offers a high level of protection to client`s websites and accelerates them online. It generates high traffic for a website by routing its web traffic through their great global network.

Key Selling Points


Co-founder & CEO: Matthew Prince
Systems Engineer: Ashley Williams

CloudFlare: Reliability and Performance

Prompt, safe and secure authoritative DNS Networks is run by CloudFlare in the world. A provider has created prompt, powerful and highly secure DNS. SSL is used as an important tool for enhancing security to websites. An encrypted link is established between a web browser and web server by SSL. It ensures the privacy of data at the time of transfer. Client`s website is highly protected from various kinds of online threats such as viruses, trojan horses, spammers, SQL injection, DDOS.

Protects From DDoS attacks

It's algorithms analyze user traffic and only allow safe profiles to the site, thus rejecting potentially malicious requests. They can identify the cause and source of the attack. Cloudflare takes the backup of the entire website and sends traffic through it, which conceals the exact location/IP address of the real site.

100% uptime guarantee is offered by a provider which ensures good performance of a site. The company offers you high performance and reliability. The delivery of web pages of the website is optimized automatically by the provider which results in fast loading of web pages and thus high performance. It also saves server resources and bandwidth by limiting crawlers and abusive bots and by blocking threats. It leads to powerful websites leading to enhanced performance and reduced spam and other attacks.

Cloudflare Workers: Accelerates and optimize dynamic web by Deploying Javascript code in closer physical proximity to users by giant’s global network of 127 data centers. It features location-based content personalization. The script code runs on V8, the JavaScript engine that Google Inc. ships with Chrome.

Workers KV to store images and HTML pages.

No Need for Traditional Web Hosting Service

The company joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the ability to host static sites on a content delivery network (CDN) i.e., its S3 edge caching servers or Simple Cloud Storage Service.
Customers can use Wrangler CLI to deploy/publish entire websites or updated directly to Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV. Furthermore, they can use create-react-app, Jekyll, or even the WP2Static plugin to deploy on the entire global network, which comprises 194 cities in more than 90 countries. The Manifest manages the site in real-time and automatically updates the Cloudflare Cache.
The Manifest Wrangler interacts with Cloudflare servers to deliver the website to the visitor's browser.

CloudFlare Plans

Free- First plan is offered for free of cost to the clients by a provider. It includes numerous features and offers high performance, high protection in terms of security, Secure Sockets Layer, generate statistics of the visitors and many more.

CloudFlare: Features and Control Panel

CloudFlare Support

CloudFlare offers excellent customer service to their clients. Like other companies, their main objective is to provide customer satisfaction so as to retain existing customers and appreciate new customers. They serve their customers for 24*7*365 to resolve their technical and other site or hosting related issues. Among their services, customer service is considered as great.



An excellent provider of distributed domain name server & CDN, provides you with high level of safety and security, good customer service, optimal performance, increased reliability, 100 percent uptime guarantee, features based plans and much more at affordable prices.

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