Acronis founded in 2003 and since then a standard place for hybrid cloud data protection through disaster recovery, backup, secure file sync, cloud storage, and share solutions. It delivers affordable, complete and easy data protection of all applications, operating system and files across any environment including cloud, virtual, physical and mobile. Acronis powered by Acronis AnyData Engine. Apart from this, Acronis secure the data of approx five million customers and 5, 00,000 businesses. Is solutions are present all over the world through cloud resellers, distributors, and network service providers.

Acronis Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Solutions:

Acronis has announced the increase of its Ireland and UK distribution agreement along with CMS distribution. Newly launched Acronis hybrid cloud data protection solutions- disaster recovery, share solutions, cloud storage, file sync and backup available to the CMS distribution cloud reseller network. This agreement starts with backup from Acronis with CMS distribution’s developed network. Therefore, service providers now have easy access and affordable cloud data protection.

Expansion in volumes of information and data, dependency on digital business processes and increase in cyber crime such as Ransomware are data protection and backup more critical these days. Partnership with CMS distribution will assure demand for cloud data protection in the UK. Due to this, 50% of businesses move all IT assets off premise in future.

Nowadays, global cloud backup and recovery software market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 13% from 2016-2020. Acronis delivers a complete cloud architecture which easily plugs into current service provider and makes it differ from other data protection vendors. Apart from this, CMS distributors give support services, licensing, system integrators and business development. Through this, consumers tap into growing market for data protection services without initial investment. Acronis is consistently increasing its network of service provider globally. This partnership will enhance profitability and gives flexible cloud solutions for service providers so that they always ready for every opportunity.

Solutions provided by Acronis Hybrid Cloud Data Protection:

Know About Acronis Backup Cloud

Acronis backup cloud offers services with simple and cost-effective hybrid recovery and backup to resolve client’s data protection related issues. Their backup cloud powered by Acronis AnyData Engine that delivers reliable and customized services. It also provides per use business model without any entry costs.

Insight Acronis Files Cloud

Acronis files Cloud offers secure mobile file, sync, access and share an easy to use and secure hosted cloud solutions designed entirely for service providers. Additionally, it is simple to sell and implement, can do custom brand Acronis files cloud, enhance product portfolio and realize incremental revenues. Through Acronis files cloud end user customers can employees work with files have to be productive from anywhere or with any device they use including laptop, Smartphone, Mac, tablet or PC. End user organizations can boost customer service, enhance employee productivity, produce revenue and create new customers.

 Acronis Disaster Recovery

Acronis disaster recovery can replicate your systems, storage, and installed software onto an on-premises appliance. If you are facing any case of an outage, Acronis disaster recovery can restart servers locally so that you can keep offering IT services to external and internal constituents. Through push of a button, you can recover a single file, whole server or a database.

 Acronis Storage

Acronis storage facilitates service providers win Iaas battle by substantially lowering scale out storage costs while overcome challenges related to traditional high-end storage offerings. Acronis completely simplifies complexity of managing and deploying cloud infrastructure’s market demand.