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WordPress Technical Aspects

WordPress Technical AspectsIn a business environment, staff work as a team, and each member is a separate user protected by a password. The WordPress default roles are SEO Editor, SEO Manager, Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, and Administrator.

Features – WordPress Technical Aspects

  • Flexible, customizable, and open source
  • Posts: For regular updates and news, which are non-permanent aspects of business
  • Pages: Store permanent or semi-permanent information about business like About Business, Products or Services. The pages are un-dated, hence contain information which is unlikely to change.
  • Categories: Organizes posts in reverse chronological order
  • Comment Area: Visitors to share their opinion, feedback, or views, hence engage them with a website
  • Dashboard Appearance Section: to customize the website look. Using Themes, new ones can be added, activated and customized. Widgets provide many built-in features.
  • Plugins: defines the website functions, purpose

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Site Visibility

The checkbox discourages search engines from indexing this site i.e. making the entire site invisible to search engines. It would make all the information as private and forfeit all the brand building elements. The businesses running the tutorials, or wish to provide access to information to only members, keep this checkbox fill with the right sign, i.e. value of it as 1. They install a membership style plugin like S2 Member, which forces a user to login to see content. There are paid membership plugins like Wishlist Member or Membersonic which enables the content of the post as private or public. The companies use the feature for daily reports from staff members. Also, used for project documentation writing chronological order of accomplishments. It becomes the blueprint for the team members.