Open DNS' security is one of the unknown forces that are relentlessly working to maintain cybersecurity. Open DNS is the gears of the internet that keep it running. Every day over 80 billion queries processed through Open DNS. It can be used for both personal and corporate purpose. There are the useful features of Open DNS and it's working ways that should be known to an individual for better understanding.

Various features

Open DNS uses the infrastructure that by now subsists on the internet. There is no necessitating establishing equipment or hardware. There also isn't any software to uphold. Any piece of equipment that may be used no issue where in the world it is used will have the benefits of Open DNS security. The fortification is without a doubt worldwide. Any protocol that is accessed will be protected. Plenty of features come with this precaution. The network prevents access to infected sites. Sites such as ones that contain malware or viruses will be avoided. Even Scam sites such as phishing sites will also be prevented.

One of the most effective hacking methods is to bring into play of botnets. Botnets are any number of a plentiful corporation or classified computers that are used to send spam or carry viruses themselves. It is more or less until the end of time done without the user's acquaintance. Open DNS can save from harm the computer from increasingly being used as a botnet.

The system is becoming more and more interactive. An individual can set his computer to pass up certain types of content entirely. Content such as porn sites or large spam sites can be filtered. This is especially useful for parents to make use of for their adolescent’s computer. Innovation in Open DNS security permits its user's to observe their global activity from the cloud storage platform. An individual can scrutinize his global activity and perceive any discrepancies or suspicious behavior. It's automated, so it allows an individual to immediately identify targeted attacks.

Usual working of DNS security system

When it comes to cybersecurity often, prevention is not enough. The ability to detect an attack before it happens is becoming more and more of necessity. Recently, Open DNS has been implementing very advanced methods to accomplish just that. Most cyber discrepancies give off sound waves. These are detectable, and they can be identified as an attack. Each virus or another type of attack gives off a sort of chirp. The ability to detect them allows Open DNS to see them before they attack. By the time they do the damage is too great to be repaired.

The sound wave detection technology has proven to be extremely accurate. Over hundreds of these compromised domains, every single hour is detected. Over one-third of those are undetectable by most other antimalware scanners. Most attacks that start on against other DNS servers don't work with Open DNS servers. It is highly sophisticated and is all the time being updated and enhanced to keep up with the ever-growing threat from hackers.


Most customer reviews of Open DNS are overwhelmingly positive. The state of the art security and the ability to filter content makes it very beloved in between internet users. Its user base is growing, and so far it leads to serving 2% of the world's internet user’s.