Hosting space is a set of services, of server where customer creates hosting items.

Hosting space refers to the amount of space given to websites on the server. It’s also called disc space or web hosting space. A shared web host will store several websites on the same server. Each website is given a certain amount of space to store the files. You pay a monthly fee for the space, bandwidth and features associated with your hosting plan. Hosting space is usually divided into megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).

Hosting space is determined by the hosting plan which dictates where the hosting space is located or it tell on which server and how many allocated resources it has. There might be more than one hosting space under user account.

“System” hosting space is a root hosting space under which all other spaces are created. It can't be changed or deleted and it belongs to “serveradmin” account.

The list of hosting spaces of some user can be seen either on user account home page or by clicking “Hosting Spaces” link on the left User Account Menu.

To create a new hosting space click “Create Hosting Space” button and select a hosting plan.

The amount of hosting space needed by a user is determined by the total size of all their website files. To find out how much space you need, simply right-click on the folder containing your files then select properties. Look at “size on disk.” For example the total file size of a WordPress folder is 9.10 MB (9,547,776 bytes) so you will need at least 10 MB of space. It’s best to purchase at least twice as much space to allow for e-mail accounts, log files, scripts, images and the future content you will be adding on a continuous basis.

If you anticipate hosting lots of video, audio or downloadable files you’ll need a lot more space. Ask your hosting provider if you can easily upgrade your hosting plan.

Hosting space is an important feature for hosting any account. Often website owner find it difficult to decide how much of the hosting space is needed by their websites as this would only decide the bandwidth allotted to their websites which in turn would decide the amount of traffic allowed to their website.

Beware of hosting providers that offer unlimited space. They’re going on the assumption that most websites will only use a small amount of space on the server while a few will contain large files and need a large amount. It may cut costs for them however it may decrease your website performance because they are cramming as many websites as possible on one server. This will slow the loading of your web pages. If a visitor can’t view your website within a few seconds they will go elsewhere.