There is a lot of kind of hosts in the market who are just selling free web space or web hosting, but before choosing them, you should think about some features.

A lot of new webmasters have to face the decision of choosing the right host for their website and what attracts them is free web hosting that is available all over the internet worldwide.

For the new webmaster, the choice of finding the best host may be very much difficult and even in the case of free hosting providers the decision is to get the most out of them as most of these free web hosts try to get benefits from those webmasters who plan to use their services.

Whenever you look for the decision of finding the free web hosting, then there are a few things that one must consider, what is your requirement.

All these questions are very much important to be answered completely to decide the hosting service that you choose for free.

So many hosting companies nowadays in the market providing this hosting in which they offer no charges for any hosting or disk space.

In this niche, the hosts put their adds, popup, banners on your site through which they make money.

They make money through their adds, but some of them make money through hope that you may upgrade and pay for the advanced features.

A lot of hosts provide free hosting, but they don't deliver the proper technical support on-time it makes them useless for our plans.

You have to manage your site yourself in your way. If the free web host allows anyone to signup and if they provide the features like PHP or CGI.

Before choosing we should consider some characters also like Customer service is an essential aspect of any host if not the most important you will need to check.

Customer service is a crucial aspect of any host if not the most important you will need to check.

Apart from a good support there should be some server should follow some rules like the processor speed (CPU), e.g., Intel Pentium 2.8ghz (anything over

1.5ghz is sufficient)

Memory (RAM) at least 512mb of ram

Space this will all depend on your website needs if you are just

starting at least 500mb is enough.

Bandwidth this will all depend on how many visitors your planning

to visit your site in any given month. The 5000mb will be more than sufficient for any small website.

Operating system – Linux is the better and cheaper option for any website and is said to be better than windows in a web server environment.

If other customers have voted for the web host on popular hosting directories or have made comments on the services that are offered by the host on their website.

In this way, you can choose a host because these are the most important aspects that people look for in finding a web hosting provider these days and don't be afraid to pay a bit more than other companies as this usually reflects the service they offer but also don't be fooled.