1.  Run Certificate Administration Log Utility. The browser display window will contain a list of certificates in the Server Log.
  2. If the desired certificate is displayed in the current page, double-click it. If the desired certificate is not displayed in the current page, click until the page containing the desired certificate is displayed, then double-click the desired certificate.
  3. The certificate will he displayed in form view. Click Revoke Certificate to revoke the certificate, and then click Re query. The Revoked When entry will now indicate the time that the certificate was revoked

Note Certificate Server includes the Web address to its Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in every certificate it creates. It is up to the application that uses the certificate to access the CRL and determine if the certificate is valid.
The Certificate Administration Queue Utility generates Web pages that allow the administrator to manage requests in the Server Queue. When the Certificate Administration Queue Utility is started, the browser will display the Certificate Server Queue Administration Web page. Initially, this page will display a list view of the beginning of the requested data from the Server Queue. Each row contains a database record for a request, and the rows appear in the order the requests were received.

Viewing a Single Request

In the Certificate Server Queue Administration page, click Form View to view the data for the currently selected request. You can also click on the request's link in the far-left column of the list view, or double-click anywhere on the certificate row in the list. The Web page will display the data for the selected request in form view.