Colocation is a type of web hosting. When you colocate a server, you take a web hosting server that you own and place it in leased space in a data center. You pay for the physical space your server takes up while the data center maintains the connection to the Internet and deals with any environmental issues. the concept of colocation is that the core infrastructure behind a client's website, the physical hardware such as the servers and accompanying equipment, is located in a colocation provider's facilities so that the client does not have to maintain it on their own site. This is quite a basic definition and in practice colocation providers will offer a range of services within that area.
The principle benefits of colocation are that the facilities will usually provide a secure home on an internet backbone that will ensure not only high levels of uptime, but also high levels of bandwidth capability and ultimately plenty of flexibility if the client's requirements change.

The benefits of Colocation Web Hosting Services are as follows:

  • Build: When you colocate a web hosting server you won’t have to pay inflated hardware costs. You control what hardware goes in your server and what is paid for it.
  • Operating system: Dedicated server hosts can and do install a variety of operating systems for clients, but that sometimes comes at a hefty price. With colocation, you install whatever operating system you want and apply any customizations you desire.
  • Software: With colocation, you’re not limited in any way to what software you can install or use on your web hosting server.
  • Configuration: With your server, you’ll be able to configure it however you choose. You pick the hardware configuration and what software goes on it.
  • Access: If you choose a colocation facility near you, you’ll be able to maintain and troubleshoot your own web hosting server in-person.