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serverprontoServerpronto is a popular provider of quality hosting solutions including most affordable dedicated server, founded in 2000. Their server comes with disk space and RAM. Moreover, they provide multiple VPS hosting plans, dedicated hosting and cloud server package. On top of this, the company guarantees 100% network uptime. Serverpronto includes many outstanding features for different hosting levels such as free assistance along with website setup, fully redundant connections, cPanel, Windows and Linux operating systems and much more. Apart from this, their technical support is available 24/7 via ticketing system, phone or live chat. Their customize hosting plans are available at very low prices with fast provisioning of new dedicated servers.

Ever since 2000, Serverpronto is devoted to provide the best value in the dedicated server business. In 2012, the company came under new ownership which resulted in a more customer oriented approach. Now, no matter what customer server needs are, clients can have faith on ServerPronto to deliver a world-class experience.

As a customer-oriented company Serverpronto listen to the technology requirement of the market and the feedback from their clients and launch new products and solutions regularly. They are offering a top-quality, feature rich product at an unbelievable price.

Data Center

  • Provisioned 10,000+ servers
  • An SSAE16 / SAS70 certified data center, located in Miami, FL

Establishment: 1999

Services Offered

Dedicated Servers
Start at just $39.95 with 500GB storage, 5TB bandwidth

Pro Plus v4 Dedicated Server
Dell’s latest single-socket 1U rack-mounted server, the DSS 1510, and one of Intel’s latest Xeon processors, the E5-1650 v4
Hexa-Core CPU with 12 threads, with each core operating at 3.6GHz
Discount: $50 off for the life of an account. Promo code: v42017

Dedicated server hosting

  • Fixed lifetime pricing, 100% uptime guarantees, and free setup/cancellation
  • License cutting-edge instant IP migration technology
    Price starts at $39.95 with 500GB of storage, 5 terabytes of traffic, a variety of operating systems
  • Supporting Services: mail servers, websites, game servers
  • Pro Plus v4
 Processor: Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 Hexa-Core CPU
 RAM: 64GB
 HDD: Two 500GB SSD drives
 Bandwidth: 20TB
 Price: $149.95 per month.
  • Professional - Perfect for big data and database solutions
Price: $129.95
 Processor: Intel Xeon E5530 Dual Quad-Core CPU
 RAM: 32GB
 HDD: Two 1TB SATA drives
 Bandwidth: 20TB
  • Power - perfect for CPU intensive applications such as streaming and VOIP
Processor: Intel E3-1230 V2 Quad-Core CPU
 RAM: 16GB
 Bandwidth: 20TB
 Price: $89.95/month
  • Standard to host multiple websites/apps and virtualization like ESKI
Processor: Intel Xeon X3220 Quad-Core CPU
 Bandwidth: 10TB
 Price: $59.95/month

Bare-metal, Infrastructure as a Service offers powers business-critical applications

Cloud hosting: Pay-as-you-go model
The company offers private cloud hosting solutions

The public cloud utilized by multiple tenants while private cloud by a single tenant.

Other Services Offered: Email, data backup

Target Customers: Web developers, web hosting companies, gaming, Resellers

Number of Customers: 40,000+ Dedicated Server Customers in 99 countries and dozens of industries

What about Customers?

  • Customer-oriented approach and offers best hosting value to customers
  • High-performance network
  • Cost-effective, fast and reliable
  • Provide fast, reliable, and affordable Dedicated Server and cloud hosting packages.
  • Provides tested, optimized and stable servers

Support: 24.7.365

Latest News

  • (May 16, 2017) ServerPronto University published a report which shows AWS and other popular cloud hosting options cost 3X more than Private Cloud offerings. They used publicly available pricing information and Amazon’s monthly cost calculator and compared the cost of two hosting options.
    The ServerPronto University (SPU) features educations articles, tips, and news on server related and IT topics.

Serverpronto Reliability and Performance/ Uptime Report

SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for Serverpronto. Up Time % is the amount of time websites hosted by the hosting company are available for users or visitors. Serverpronto time and again consistent high up-time percentages very close to 100%, means sites hosted by Serverpronto are available 24/7 or exceptionally close to 24/7. Serverpronto has 50% positive user sentiment on SiteGeek, based on social media content and conversations. It?s a real time snapshot of customer?s perception of hosting company and ensures hosting company is meeting user needs and convey quality service.

Serverpronto Plans

ServerPronto offers affordable, fast and reliable cloud and dedicated server hosting. Starting at just $39.95, dedicated servers start with 500GB of storage, 5 terabytes of traffic, a variety of Linux and Windows operating systems and more.

Get resources on Cloud and full access to Cloud Control Panel. Offshoot as many Virtual Machines as needed and manage them from secure Cloud Portal. Cloud Server comes with: Firewall, 1 GB/s Network Uplink, Load Balancer, Data Backup Space, and the Hardware Resources customer select.

Serverpronto VPS provides customer with a complete web hosting solution for the best possible price. Their innovative VPS solutions perfected over the last 12 years of operations are hosted at their own datacenter. This way Serverpronto can guarantee reliability, flexibility, security, and best in class support for customer?s digital assets. Select the best platform for Virtual Private Server:

Serverpronto Features and Control Panel

1 Hour average provisioning time, Operating their own Data Center, 100% Uptime SLA, Free Setup Assist Service, 24/7/365 Customer Support, 24/7 Hardware Replacement, Full Root Access, No Contract – Month-to-Month billing, 7-day Money Back Guarantee, Over 12,000 Satisfied Clients, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, or 10Gbps Uplink Ports, Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth, customer can select OS/Control Panel

CPU: Dual-Core 1.9GHz, Operating System: CentOS 6 64-bit, Control Panel, 2GB RAM, Primary Hard Drive: 250GB HDD SATA2, Secondary Hard Drive, Bandwidth: 5TB, Port: 100Mbps, Additional IP Addresses, Managed Server: Standard 24/7 Technical Support, Managed Firewall: Self-Managed Software Firewall, Managed Backup, Microsoft SQL Server (Windows OS only), Dedicated Server Type: Bare-Metal Dedicated Server

Serverpronto Support

ServerPronto Customer Support and Service: Live Chat and Customer Support Portal (Ticket System) is available 24 by 7, Phone: 305.324.1616 (Monday – Friday: 7AM – 5PM EST)


Serverpronto prices are very economical.


Phone support available only Monday – Friday: 7AM – 5PM EST

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

Serverpronto offers 7-day Money Back Guarantee for its customers


Serverpronto is offering world?s lowest priced dedicated server. Their hosting plan can be customized. Focal point is primarily on the mid to high end hosting services.