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Free Virtual Private Server

Free Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a virtual machine installed on a computer by whom some websites served. It appears as a dedicated server to the user, and thus it is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). One computer is having no. of VPS, and each one of them having their operating system (OS) by whom web hosting software is run for each and every user.

VPS hosting software comprises of a program of an Internet server, a program of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a program of a mail server and special applications for specific activities like blogging and e-commerce.

VPS Hosting is recommended for small businesses as they required a website which can be customized but unable to go for a dedicated server as it is expensive. One more benefit that VPS offers is that multiple virtual private servers are maintained by a single subscriber as this technology permits the ability of a subscriber for the same. For instance, a person having website makes use of one server for the production and the other for dummy website which is mainly utilized in testing updates, new programs & customization. VPS hosting allows a user to have complete control over their server as compared to Shared hosting.

Some of the Free VPS Hosting Service Providers

As VPS technology provides great web hosting services and proves highly useful, especially in the context of small businesses but sometimes it cannot be afforded by users like freshers or startups. So, for them, there are various options or in other words, companies which offer VPS hosting services for free of cost to clients.

  1. Jelly– It is the service provider who has started offering free VPS hosting services at earliest. Their plans allow clients to begin and run almost any template of operating system either from WordPress or installation of cPanel to Minecraft server. Plans include features such as 1 GB of RAM, CPU 2.4 GHz, 20 GB of Web space, Data transfer capacity of 1000 GB. Services are offered with activation on an instant basis, and there are no advertisements to be displayed, no charges are hidden and no restrictive terms. With a free virtual private server, a client is entitled to a good amount of RAM, high CPU speed, full root access to server and control panel. Linux based VPS hosting plans offers the features like more than 100 templates of OS, dedicated IP address, full root access, guaranteed CPU, IP address, multiple control panels like Plesk, Cpanel, Kloxo, with backups, full root access, SSH, and money back guarantee. Using control panel, no. of management tasks can be performed like a reboot, power on/off, changing a password of a route, install new OS, web stats, restoration of data, backup, and much more.
  2. GU Hat– A free VPS Hosting service provider using high-quality hardware offers very fast nodes, which are powered by Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors. These processors are 80% faster as compared to other Intel processors which are developed earlier. The company is also using Intel SSD disk drive arrays which received optimal protection from RAID-10 technology thereby leads to disk I/O rate, which 500% higher if compared to regular disk drives. Node it offers comes with a good capacity of RAM and can increase guaranteed RAM as and when required. Panel for a management of server is offered for free of charge. The company has highly skilled administrators who assist clients having issues with VPS Hosting services or with their control panel. With this, a web-based interface is used by a client for restoration, backup of data, for recover, manage, repair and reinstall a Linux VPS without any support. The company also offers server monitoring service for free of charge.
  3. Yo Cats– A great VPS Hosting service provider offers free VPS Hosting services with no. of features like 1 GB RAM, 8x 4 GB ECC, 600 GB RAID 10 4x 300 GB SAS 15000 RPM, 200 GB of Bandwidth, Dual Xeon E5-2620 8x 2,8 GHz, 1000 MBit Port, No Setup Fee, 99.999% Uptime Guarantee, Enterprise Supermicro Hardware.
  4. Forta cloud– It is listed in most popular and great free VPS Hosting companies which offer 1 CPU Core, 1TB of Bandwidth, 512 MB RAM, Full KVM Cloud Server, 10GB SSD Storage with Upgradeable to Production Tier.
  5.– It offers a VPS or in other words, a complete dedicated server for no cost. Linux based virtual private servers are offered for free provides full control, full root access, SSH, and flexibility. To get a free VPS from a company, a client is required to join their webmaster community forums which are highly active and need to create forum posts, 50 in no. Free Linux VPS Specifications offered by the company are 75 GB of Monthly Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address, Choice of Linux OS, 10GB Hard Drive space, 256 MB RAM, Full Root SSH Access, Virtualizer Control Panel.
  6. CloudSigma– It offers VPS hosting equivalent to cloud computing through their cloud servers where resources of software are not at all shared.

Large dedicated physical servers are divided and shared between users through traditional Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Virtuozzo technology is used by VPS company so that multiple users can be isolated on same physical server. In contrast to this, KVM technology, a next-generation technology, is used by which user can run their isolated copy of OS of their choice, offers an open choice of operating systems, high performance, and higher security. The company offers cloud server hosting which is one of the best aspects of VPS hosting and combine the same with several benefits of cloud computing.

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