OroCRM is an empowering open source customer relationship management application. It enables online businesses to manage, analyze and act on customer data from multiple sales, marketing and support channels. Integration with sales and channels to interact with customers are offered by OroCRM. This also includes Magneto and other eCommerce platforms, social media, email and many more. The powerful analytical tools help the companies in understanding and segmenting customer data, leverage sophisticated reporting tools for custom reports and managing best practice work flow for sales and marketing teams.

For customer relationship management, OroCRM is a superb application. In case of Magneto eCommerce retailers too it provides more combinations with the eCommerce applications, Dashboard for Magneto, Magneto account management, RFM analysis tools, abandoned cart recovery integration with automated emails, and email marketing tools.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose OroCRM for your eCommerce website:

1. In depth integration with e commerce platforms

Once an online store has been setup, a common problem that has been noticed is a lot of time is consumed in transferring  order and customer information. Through the right CRM you can overcome the challenges. OroCRM has a structured tool that gives you access to launch and keep data in sync with your system. Magneto has a feature through which you can find out which carts have been abandoned. Also this will give you option to contact the customers and ask them to complete their transactions.

2. More insight to customer data

CRMs should give us information not just about what the customer is buying but also information about what products are being just looked at and not being bought. Through the OroCRM tool you can do so. You can create separate lists of customers according to some parameters too, like who bought a product, who saw the product, who added the product to the cart.

3. Effective Customer Management

In order to manage the data that we have about our customers, we need a system that has all the required tools to handle all the data. For this we need a CRM system that can arrange the information and data in an easier way. The OroCRM has a technique that can create extremely detailed data as per the user's input. This data can also be shared on a customized dashboard.

4. Better Marketing

Marketing has become a major part of all the businesses. Any CRM should have the appropriate tools for the appropriate messages to be sent to the customers at the perfect time. Through OroCRM's tools you will be able to do just that. You can now send customized business messages to the target audience as per their segmentation. You can all send out messages in the form of campaigns.

5. Remarkable Flexibility

CRMs should not be limited to a few applications when it comes to businesses. There are a variety of tools that can be used like online chatting services for customers, online payments, email campaigns, etc. OroCRM helps in this too. It has integrated with ZenDesk and DotMailer and also allows you to recover an abandoned cart.

A good CRM will only grow your online business more and more. OroCRM will give you access to important data related to customers. Be it small or big, OroCRM will only be an added benefit for your online business.