In this expanding web hosting time period, we are surrounded by many questions which confuse us. Out of many one question is which type of hosting we should use Linux or Windows.Here is a help guide for the selection of right web hosting for your system.

Linux Hosting – It refers to the web host which uses the Linux operating system for its servers. Linux is an operating system that is based on UNIX.

Windows Hosting – It refers to a web host whose servers use the Windows operating system. This web hosting is less popular than Linux web hosting. It is only used by sites which fail to run their applications without windows servers.

Differences between Linux and Windows features :-

  • Operating system : If you choose Linux, it is not necessary to use Linux platform you can run Linux on any platform even if you are using Windows XP, whereas which OS you run on your computer matter a lot in case of Windows.
  • Control Panel : Linux uses cPanel and Windows uses Plesk panel.
  • Cost : Major benefit of Linux is that its servers are far less expensive then Windows servers.
  • Stability and Speed : Linux servers have high reliability and high uptime as compared to windows servers. And a windows server has a high risk of crashing than Linux.
  • Development Tools : Linux servers offer support for different development tools like CGI,PHP and Perl on other hand windows offer ASP and PHP development tools. Windows servers can also use other Microsoft software and application but Linux can not use them.
  • Scalability : As different websites change time to time,they grow small to large traffic websites. While both Linux and windows can often adapt to sites growing needs. But Windows hosting is more compatible with features like PHP and MySQL whereas LINUX is not always compatible with the technologies by Microsoft as .NET and VB development.
  • Databases : Linux can run only MYSQL database on other hand Windows can run both MYSQL and MSSQL.
  • Alterations and Modifications : Linux is an open source platform so server users can make changes and alterations in the code whereas in Windows user are not allowed to make any changes in code only the webmaster can modify it.
  • Files Sensitivity : With Linux servers, file and directory names are case sensitive but in Windows servers, they are not case sensetive.
  • Licensing : Linux is based on General public license which is free on other side windows comes with a licensing fee.

As above we can see that running a website on a Linux or Windows server have both merits and demerits. Deciding for more appropriate hosting for your site will depend on what kind of technologies you will use on your site and what is your budget.