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Basics Associated with Web Hosting

Web Hosting

A web hosting service provider that places your web site on a computer which is connected to the internet. This then gives people who surf the internet a way to access your website. The computer that the web hosting company uses is typically just like the computer you have at home, the only difference being that it is set up to serve up web sites and is therefore called a “server”.

A web host will typically have a fast connection to the Internet and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the World Wide Web.

Web hosting companies come up with a wide array of website hosting related solution. Different solutions come with different plan options but it is indeed mandatory to know them properly before selecting one.

The charges associated with web hosting services are usually simple and straightforward and set at a one to two year contract. Usually there are many different plans available since every website has a different level of needs so if you are starting a basic website you are not forced to pay for expensive hosting that is much more than your website needs in order to accurately display.

Why Hosting is important

Hosting is a very technical and detail specific business which is why it is not recommended that you try to host your own website. Some people think that it is possible to host a website from their home internet server, but unless you have a business internet package installed at your home this is impossible because home servers do not have enough space or bandwidth to fully support a website 24/7.

There are few pre-requisites that need to be followed while selecting a web hosting provider. The requirements need to be accurately specified to the website hosting providers.

There might be different and diversities in web portals, for example a personal web site differs from the professional ones and off course these sites require lesser spaces. Web hosting companies come up with a wide array of website hosting related solution. Different solutions come with different plan options but it is indeed mandatory to know them properly before selecting one.

Web Hosting is the core part of online world. It is a necessary tool of web Business. Therefore we should have the knowledge of Basics Associated with Web Hosting. Before seeing the picture of Basics Associated with Web Hosting we have to know the real meaning of Web hosting. In our routine life when we are generally on the internet we open the website By typing its address in the browsers address bar we can fetch it from that computer where it is residing to ours computer. Similarly ours website placed on a computer somewhere too. Thus, to visualize our website on the internet is termed as Web Hosting. The Web Hosting Service is the most widespread service. Web Hosting Service is more advantageous because it is outsourced, meaning that the physical location of the web server does not reside at the consumer’s premises. Cheap web hosting doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the reliability and service required in todays highly competitive business environment. Cheap web hosting offers unlimited email, unlimited subdomians, high bandwidth, extensive diskspace, design and marketing tools at affordable price. Affordable web hosting has become the law of the land. offers ten of the most affordable web hosting on the internet today. The best solution when we're looking for the best web hosting is to outline our vision of what we want to achieve with our website. has the information and explanations to help us find the best web hosting .

Now we will deal with the Basics Associated with Web Hosting:

1. Web host : The service provider which maintains and hosts the server computer by virtue of which our website is run and stored is termed as Web host.

2. Technical Support : This is the help and support department of the web hosting company. This is a very significant phase of web hosting and must be entirely functional and fast.

3. Bandwidth : This is the amount of data transfer allowed to the website, every month. Usually around 10GB is fine for beginner websites.

4. Web Space : Web space is the amount of space which will be provided to us for the web site. Our web site's size cannot exceed this given web space limit.

5. Domain Name : Domain name is the word/words which user will enter in the browser to access the website. Domain names are registered separately from the web hosting.

6. Flash : Flash is a widely held media type typically used for animations. It is developed by Macromedia. It is commonly used because  it requires less space and downloading time with great graphics and animations.

7. FrontPage : It is a very popular website design and publishing tool (software) developed by Microsoft.

8. FTP : File Transfer Protocol, the means of transferring or “uploading” the website's files on the web host's server.

9. HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language, the basic language in which we will write our website and the language in which the client and the server's browsers communicate.

10. Shopping Cart : A software designed to take orders from your customers on our website and keeps storing them until they want to check out. The software then charges the customer by the designed method e.g. by taking the customer's credit card number and charging it for the total product's amount.

11. CGI : Common Gateway Interface, a processing interface. CGI scripts take information from the user and can process it in multiple ways, including storing the information in a database.

12. MySQL : A popular type of database server, very commonly used with PHP.

13. ASP : Active Server Pages, is a scripting language that enables the web designers to design their pages dynamically with databases implementation.

14. Control Panel/Website Manager : A Control Panel/Website Manager is an online piece of software which enables the web hosting users to manage their web content easily and effectively.

15. Email Forwarding (Email alias) : Allows the web hosting user to create a number of apparent email addresses on a certain domain, which in reality are only names pointing to just one original and proper email address of our choice e.g. wou can make, and as many as you like. But in reality they would all be pointing to one real email address e.g.

16. SSL : Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol designed to provide a secure, encrypted connections like financial transactions on the internet.

17. Web Statistics : A lot of web hosts provide website statistics for free. These are the statistical data of the users who visit our website.

Features Of Web Hosting:

1. Server Type : This is the sort of server software that is running on the server. Windows 2000 server, Linux and UNIX are common Server types. If the website is basic then the server type does not matter. If the website is complex that has database functions and serves up dynamic pages, then the server type will be more important.

2. Disk Space : This is the amount of actual space available to us for storing our website on the web server harddrive.

3. Email Accounts : It gives the information regarding the number of email accounts we can have with the web hosting account.

Types Of Web hosting:

1. Free Web Hosting : It is possible to get free web hosting accounts. These are great for small websites, but normally we have to have a banner ad at the top of every page.

2. Shared Hosting : This is the most common type of web hosting account and can be very low cost. With paid shared (virtual) hosting we pay a monthly fee and get a share on a server.

3. Dedicated Hosting : With dedicated hosting we have a full server dedicated to our website. This gives us a lot more freedom and we can host potentially hundreds of our own websites.

Thus, if anyone wants his website to be hosted then it is not necessary to do any sort of degree and diploma, by having the deep study of these Basics Associated with Web Hosting he will be successful in his plans.

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