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High-tech crime prosecutors

high-tech crime prosecutorsThe government is regularly improving cyber laws to deal with the high-tech cybercrimes. The attorneys with a wealth of knowledge and talent are in high-demand in this highly sophisticated, developing new area of cybercrime. The understanding and practice of land-laws with prosecutorial skills are benefiting businesses and individuals to protect their interest. The software industry, developers, designers art-workers have now started taking the assistance of these attorneys to get their issue investigated and safeguard their creativity by applying ethical-legal rigorous rules, regulations, and standards.

The cybercrime is becoming more complicated with the technology advancements, and the investigations need specialized skills in the field to review the material. The extra abilities, knowledge, experience, effort and time is all that is making the difference in the investigation success. Very soon, the society would have specialized attorneys to deal with specific cyber crimes like privacy laws, network intrusion, and hackings. They would be highly-tech people who understand the technology usage and skilled in extracting evidence from various digital devices. They have a keen interest to learn and undergo specific technical training. As knowledge has no end and technology would be rapidly advancing, these high-tech crime prosecutors have no time to rest, but to keep updating themselves. There would be some instance where they have to deeply research and investigate and do the collection, examination, and presentation of digital forensic evidence.

The investigation needs a responsible and structured approach which includes discovering the incident scope, identifying perpetrators, gathering evidence for legal action and understanding all the legal issues in the entire process.

When a cybercrime committed, the investigator gets the evidence from the network logs, the computer used a tool or from content available on the Internet. The cyber crimes are differentiated based on their type.

Content-based cybercrime

Nowadays, when social media is a symbol of the democratic press, which allows everybody to share its views, opinion, feedback or comments. A new type of crime emerging as content-related cybercrime. Its examples include grooming of sexual victims, child pornography, hate speeches, speeches related to violence or against a group or individual based on characteristics. The data that resides on the network taken as evidence.

Using Electronic device As a Tool

To hack the network and steal private information, intrude the website for fraud like phishing and other Internet scams like spreading viruses or worms, distribution of pornography, sexual crimes especially child predation or any other obscene material.

The most prominent and big companies like Google, Cisco, eBay, Facebook, Apple, and Oracle has headquarters in California. The state has the most advanced and tested cyber laws.