Communication is the necessity of present society. Web sites are no longer, just information providers. Nowadays visitors interact with them in many ways. An effective method is required to have a control while calculating the attitude of visitors.

Visitor’s Opinion

Website visitors are influenced by the publicity done by companies. Latest technology changes in communication have greatly revolutionized the public media and are able to bring inculcating attitude in visitor’s opinion.

You can get experience when you use the services of a particular company. Owners of a business, education, and technology websites have shifted in the opinion or attitude towards the hosting services they use. This is happening rapidly. People do share their views on various rating and review websites. Their experience with hosting Service Company gets rapid attention worldwide.

Hosting companies are now paying much attention towards customer’s attitude. They do care for their position in a table at various review websites. They understand the significance and dynamism of visitor’s opinion, its scope, and effect. SiteGeek welcomes all such changes, it creates competition and thus proportionate to services. It is now observed that almost every hosting company do offer 99.99% uptime and unlimited resources at cheaper prices.

Knowing and understanding visitor’s opinion is vital to any hosting company. Every company works for profits, but their services must be rendered honestly to serve the interest of their customers.

Sitegeek principles and functions

Sitegeek functions on the principles of public opinion, which is the reason why it is gaining importance and publicity on forum websites, social sharing websites like Linkedin, twitter, facebook, google+ and much more websites. People have started talking about SiteGeek and sharing it with others.

Sitegeek wants to become a link between hosting companies and their customers.

SiteGeek Ranking

Top ranking tables on Sitegeek is conflicting the interest of various hosting companies, as every company would wish to rank on top to gain maximum traffic and credibility. Top tables are produced on the basis of certain metrics like a number of websites hosted, uptime, downtime, social sentiment and lot more factors.

Sitegeek holds the promise with its visitors to be unbiased in ranking hosting companies and merit only those, whose services are on merit. A ranking is done merely on the basis of calculation of services.

Sitegeek calculations are based on the 2-way communication process, it’s the visitors who tell, which is best and which is worst in rendering services. It all depends on the information, knowledge, and truth provided by visitors and this is public opinion. Ranking alters with an opinion. Methods and strategies applied are well understood and are all done in the interest of the visitors. SiteGeek research is designed to influence the customers understanding of services for betterment.