What is WISA?

Most of the general purpose application servers are build through most common software and servers like: Microsoft Windows (operating System), IIS (Internet Information System – file or web server), MSSQL (Database Servers) and ASP.Net or any other scripting language.

Due to this combination, Microsoft comes with new software bundle or windows package which is mainly designed for creating, general purpose application servers and this is known as WISA. The name WISA comes from the first letters of the most common four Microsoft technologies like:

W from Windows
I from IIS
S from MSSQL
A from ASP.Net.

So in general, WISA is a Windows package that contains properties of Windows, IIS, MSSQL and ASP.Net and designed for the purpose of general purpose application server’s creation.

Detailed Overview of WISA

As I already describes WISA in this article earlier, thus without repeating it, I want to clarify if with more specified way. So, here I am describing WISA through describing its properties individually or separately.

So starting with,

What is Window?

Most common and popular Operating system, that comes with complete GUI (Graphical User Interface). Window firstly appears in the year of 1985, Nov 20th and form then it’s continuously trying to update and provide better experience to their customers. This is the first operating system that comes with complete GUI and User friendly behavior.

Windows plays a vital role in the beginning of digital era. Well apart from it, Windows is a Microsoft product and recently in the year of 2012, they changed its logo once again.

Windows is a multitasking and multifunctional operating system that means with the proper GUI, you can also experience multitasking at the same time without any discrepancy.

What is IIS?

IIS is a Microsoft product that is used to manage internet information and it is generally known as Internet Information Server but in development time, it is called as Internet Information Services. IIS contains the properties of different servers like: web or hypertext transfer protocol servers (http), File transfer protocol server (FTP) with included complementary feature of Windows NT and 2000 servers.

With IIS, Microsoft enters in the internet server’s industry and beats all established servers like: apache, Sun Microsystems and others. IIS gives complete security and administrative functionality to the users who want to create their own web pages through the help of different Microsoft technologies.

What is MSSQL?

MSSQL stands for Microsoft structural Query Language Servers that is used to store and retrieve the information of websites. As the other database servers, it is also a relational database server that is used to manage relations between two or more software programs for storing and retrieving data.

Microsoft designed it to provide more facilities to their customers and firstly built it in the year of 1989. Till now Microsoft continuously updated their database servers and its functionalities. Recently Microsoft announces their MSSQL’s updated version’s release in the year of 2014 as SQL Server 2014.

What is ASP.Net?

For designing any software, developers need a scripting language to write sever side codes. These codes are the soul of a program because they decide how can software work?

With this dependency Microsoft designed their own scripting language for designing general purpose application servers and software. This language is known as Microsoft ASP.Net, where ASP denotes Active Server Page.

ASP.Net is not a language but this is a complete web technology which is used to design web applications and desktop applications. These applications contain different dynamic pages and each page will be in .aspx extension and they are executed as separate objects which are run on the server.

ASP.Net firstly introduced in the year of 2002 with the aim of providing easiness to the programmer. Through ASP.Net, programmers can develop applications through any of the supported Microsoft .Net language with WYSIWYG platform.