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Business Website designBusiness Management personnel understand the must requirement of being online. They want potential customers to search them via online search. The Internet changed the traditional business model for any sized business. Nowadays, website purpose not limited only to branding, but, most online sales transactions take place on it.

People try to find website name on a Business card. The new generation is crazy about information, before making the purchase, they search each of the details. They trust online reviews, feedback, and comments from customers who have experienced your products or services. Positive reviews enhance the credibility hence more sales.

Business Website design

How about a website which would please the client as well as the users? Interesting question, but tedious to work on!

Understanding the user requirement is paramount. The owner can best judge the Business Website design idea. So understanding the client's requirement will help in better business web design.

Website designing is now emerging as a business as many new companies are appearing every day. Every organization attracts clients with the impressive professional modern website,  with knowledgebase relevant content, using bold colors and important features. Websites should be more creative by making simple, clean and clear themes. Launching of non-functional and messy themes lack visual component and style is not beneficial for any business. The main objective of a business website is to make their enterprise successful.

Business Hosting Features

  • Gallery, Blog, or Forum on your website.
  • Provides a platform to sell products or services on your website in a most effective way.
  • A community website.
  • Store files on web space.

The essential first step to creating a successful Web site is to clarify the business purpose for the site.  Don’t start from scratch. Use existing data to inform your work. Helpful material to get your hands on:

  • The business case for the Website and its mission statement
  • Marketing data about the target audience
  • Creative brief used by the graphic design team
  • Competitive analysis
  • Org chart to understand the power structure
  • Need to target your audience

There are three primary business goals:

  1. Online presence – This is the underlying reason that you will want to build your website. What this means is to create a site that’s including the information about your business, that tells what makes the business special, and offers the visitors a way that they can contact you.
  2. Capture Leads – Site Grows to form a community where customers, potential clients, gather, find ways to continue your marketing to them.
  3. Make the Business Stand Out – This is something that will take a strategy that’s more advanced. Create and maintain a blog, portray the thoughts and the insights. It helps the website stand out and allow consumers to understand the business.

Professional Business Website Design Features

Trendy Website Color

A right combination of color makes website attractive and straightforward to read. On the other hand, an inappropriate combination of colors can turn website to loss-mode. It can harm the business and make it unsuccessful. Light colors are more impressive in making best website. While developing a website for business one should concentrate on simplicity by deciding himself. A color hierarchy can make users focus on content.  And information should define different colors and add some layouts to background patterns.

Easy Navigation

Website navigation plays a significant role for users searching needed section. Many types of navigation are:

  • Horizontal menu bar
  • drop-down menu with subpages
  • a vertical bar or sidebar menu
  • footer navigation
  • fly-out menu
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • A top horizontal menu bar is best one to use

During loading of a website, it is immediately visible easy to operate. Many websites are there having double navigation which are top and bottom menus. No need of scrolling during staying of a user at the bottom of a page. A business website has benefited from navigation. Another navigation scheme for business is sidebar menu. It keeps clean layout.

Introductory Box in Front Page

Many business sites have no intro sections. They are jQuery sliders, content blocks, different geometrical shapes with text. Users will catch information quickly with the help of these details and understand company offering at browsing of the site. Welcoming section of front-page should not require large, little sentences will be sufficient to combine text with images.

Use Right Fonts

With colors, images, and layout, typography plays a major role in business website design. It makes content readable. It is challenging to read hard words close to one another. To spend time on typography choice is better than spend time on connecting unimportant widgets on a website.

Balance Multimedia and Text Information

Control of media content is proper on many websites. More specific features include photo portfolios, music related web pages, wedding albums and movie sites. Everything is different on corporate internet sites, therefore in different themes function are also different. A business site should not be purely text-based. Using images and videos are not sufficient in websites as customers focus on layout and text. Leaving enough white-space on canvas make site readable.

ALT Text / Comments

Search engines are unable to view graphics or distinguish text that might be contained within them. For this reason, most engines will read the content of the image ALT tags to determine the purpose of a graphic. By taking the time to craft relevant, yet keyword rich ALT tags for the images on your website, you increase the keyword density of your site.
Although many search engines read and index the text contained within ALT tags, it's important NOT to go overboard in using these tags as part of your SEO campaign. Most engines will not give this text any more weight than the text within the body of your site.

A website should Fly

Loading speed of website should better. Business websites have an audience of serious-intended people looking to invest in a good project. For performance, the speedy website created compressed to improve site quality as per the requirement. It enhances the speed of a website. To shorten website loading time, compress CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Contact or Feedback Form

Essential for a corporate internet site,  visitors can send a direct message. Contact Form helps in collaboration between an entrepreneur and a client.

Setting Business Website design has become easy with CMS tools available. The website created is responsive and device independent which open on Smartphones, iPhones, Ipads.

A Business website needs the appropriate domain name and reliable web hosting services.

There are at least three goals an organization might have in setting up a Web site:

  • Direct action as a result of visiting the site, users will do something, such as place an order for the product.
  • Delayed action as a result of visiting the site, users will remember the site and come back when they are ready to take action (such as buying our product).
  • Indirect action as a result of visiting the site, users will do something that does not necessarily involve the Web.

Must To do while creating a website

  • Ensure the number of visitors to a website and put Google Analytics tool to measure it.
  • Attractive design with easy navigation. Essure that the site has a consistent look and feel.
  • Put a survey in the corner of the site to know about the visitor's opinion about your site.
  • Contact-Us page to allow visitors to send their message to webmaster or website owners.

Submit Newly Created Page to Google

Google add and update new sites to their index each time they crawl the web, and you can invite Google by submitting your URL to /addurl/

Longer Domain Registration

Register your domain name for at least three years. A longer registration time means a more credible site (it's less likely to be considered a spam site by search engines).

Stop Cloaking

Cloaking is delivering search engine optimized content to search engine spiders while providing different content to actual human visitors. Many search engines can detect this type of spam and may even completely ban a site if cloaking is detected.

Each Page Unique Title

Each page on a site should have its individual title. Every title should contain appropriate keywords and search terms that are relevant to the page.

Shared SSL certificate

Unlike a regular SSL certificate, it costs less, doesn't require a dedicated IP, and belongs to an equally trusted Certificate Authority.
The disadvantage of shared SSL is that it can be used only with third level domains.

Compressing or Archiving Files

Encoding a binary file typically increases its size by 30 or 35 percent. To compensate for this, people usually compress files before encoding them. Groups of related data are often archived (combined into one file) because this ensures that none of the parts gets lost or mislaid in transit, and also simplifies the downloading process.

Regular Updates: Keep software and add-ons updated