Key Selling Points

  • specialized VPS and managed dedicated server hosting provider

Services Offered: managed hosting, including Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Hybrid Virtual Private Servers

Establishment: 2001

Headquartered: Southfield, Michigan


VP Operations: Maulesh Patel

What for Customers?

  • Highly reliable, cost-effective hosting with superior customer service.
  • The company has built a strong reputation for its high-quality service, innovative pricing models, and 3-hour Service Level Agreement.
  • Excellent hosting services to meet customer expectations and individual needs

Support: 24.7.365 responsive support by technical experts

Latest News

  • (PRWEB October 31, 2016) In response to the recent discovery of serious privilege escalation vulnerability, “Dirty Cow” in the Linux Kernel reported in Ars Technica on October 20,16. Future Hosting Warns and advised administrators to update Linux server OS. Multi-Tenancy servers used for web hosting and shared among several clients are vulnerable. Online criminals and hackers are actively exploiting this vulnerability.
    The company offers KSplice Uptrack, allowing Managed and Unmanaged Servers to update servers without requiring to reboot and associated downtime.
  • Future Hosting Advises Users Of The CodeIgniter Framework To Update to CodeIgniter 3.1.0 as soon as possible. Previous versions are vulnearable to SQL injection and websites can be compromised.
  • Future Hosting Advises Businesses To Invest In Anti-Phishing Training to raise awareness of the dangers of phishing as a result of the recently released WebRoot Quarterly Threat Update. (28 September 2016)Future Hosting has advised business owners to invest in employee training to raise awareness of the dangers of phishing as a result of the recently released WebRoot Quarterly Threat Update. Online criminals sends thousands of deceptive mails, appearing to originate from trusted institutions or banks. The company has urged businesses to train employees to execute caution in this regard and recognize such mails.

In 2001, Future Hosting was established with the objective of providing cost-effective & reliable web hosting solutions with premium customer support. To maintain the position in competitive IT market, company very well understands latest technology, responsive customer service, high reliability and affordable cost. And accordingly it offers excellent & guaranteed hosting services with good customer service. With web hosting, some other relevant services are also offered to satisfy the needs of each and every client. It is quite a dedicated customer oriented company who mainly focus on their customers to deliver them satisfaction as much as possible. Services are offered in such manner that it yields high performance, max reliability and safety and thus high level of satisfaction to the clients.

Reliability & Performance/ Uptime Report

In order to ensure safety and reliability, provider offers SSL Certificates to protect the data and info of clients stored on their site. Daily backups also took place so as to avoid any kind of disruption which may occur suddenly.

Future Hosting offers safe and secure servers and they are monitored 24*7 by the experienced technicians so as to provide issue free server and if something is there, it will resolve promptly. Overall, company takes care of the performance of servers, thereby site of clients and makes their sites online all the time.

Hosting Plans

Managed & Unmanaged Dedicated Servers, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Hybrid VPS Hosting, Unmanaged VPS Hosting , Java VPS Hosting offers features like Free Migrations, CentOS 6 with Plesk, cPanel or InterWorx, Backups, Simple Upgrades, Full Root Access, Pro-Active Managed Services, Private DNS Servers, Third party script installs with 24 Hrs support.

Control panel is offered in Managed Servers, choice is given between cPanel, InterWorx, or Plesk in Managed VPS Hosting and choice of control panel is given in Managed Hybrid VPS Hosting, Java VPS Hosting.

Features & Control Panel

  • cPanel/ Plesk/ InterWorx
  • SSL Certificates
  • CDN
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Migrations
  • Full Root Access
  • Private DNS Servers
  • Third party script installs
  • 24*7*365 Customer support


An excellent support to customers of Future Hosting is rendered on daily basis for all the days of the year. A customer may reach to company customer care at any time of the day and on any day of the year, whether it is a holiday or Sunday. Customer Service is available for 24*7*365 not only in the working hrs. So, a good support is offered round the clock to assist customers in each and every way.


  • Reliable & satisfactory hosting services
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Good quality of hardware
  • Assist in Migration
  • Redundant network
  • Safe & reliable mgt. portal
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • User is not bound by long term contracts
  • Management & Premium Services offered


Future Hosting does not offer any policy or guarantee by which a client may get his money back on feeling unsatisfied.

Uptime Guarantee of servers is not ensured by provider.

Cancellation policy/ Refund Policy

A provision of Refund policy is not applicable in the web hosting services offered by Future Hosting. A client cannot ask for his money on feeling unsatisfied or unhappy with the services offered, as there is no policy offered by Future Hosting in this context.


Future Hosting, an exceptional and high quality web hosting service provider, offers VPS, Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting services with optimal customer support, security, reliability and good infrastructure.