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Unrealistic World of Free Email Service with Limitations

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Free Email Service

We know Google, Yahoo, Outlook as free email service providers. In a technological world, when something is free, we look it suspiciously that something is hidden. But without any wary, with full trust and confidence, we use services of the above-given brands. They are now well established and provide full support to its customers. The only difference between their free and premium accounts is the use of specific native applications. Further free email service comes with certain limitations.

The big question always comes to mind whether the premium email services offered through secured servers from secured data centers and hold strong privacy but with free it is not guaranteed.

The free emails can be hacked as admitted by Yahoo that is over a billion email addresses got hacked.

Why to wary with free email services?

Scammers: The Internet is full of scammers, the free email service providers may be offering filtering service and protection to a certain limit only. The scammers can try to get private information, install malware or viruses on the computer, get hold of a computer remotely, steal financial information. If such emails are blocked or landing in a junk folder, then its all good with free email service provider, but a problem arises when such emails lands in an inbox. For sure something is not right with the provider and its time to switch.

Business Trust: The businesses use their domain name, if they are using the public id's then people don't trust them easily and consider their emails as snoops or not legitimate or unverified.

Sell Data to Advertisers: (August 29, 2018) AOL and Yahoo Scan User Emails Then Sell Data to Advertisers. The privacy policy of free email service provider gives them the right to scan user emails for targeted advertising purposes.

Very Less using 2F authentication: Google admits that very few use 2F authentication, people want easier authentication, not more authentication. Hence, the free email service providers are more focused on email validation and authentication, using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Criminals Also use Free Email Service: (September 07, 2018) Los Angeles, Justice department filed complain against Korean Expo Joint Venture, a front group for the North Korean government using Gmail and other free email services for routine business as well as for phishing attacks and other crimes.

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