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Keliweb : Company Overview

Keliweb, a reliable and performance based hosting service provider, offers various hosting solutions to clients. Joomla Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cheap Hosting, Professional Hosting, Hosting for CMS, Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, Windows hosting, VPS Hosting are provided with high uptime, excellent performance, increased security and reliability with great customer support.

Reliability & Performance/Uptime Report

Servers system are monitored by technicians 24*7*365, with Vanguard security is offered by which best quality software & hardware is protected, results in SLA of more than 99 percent, ensures high uptime guarantee for clients business. Performance & Security measures are used on continuous basis to overcomes the related issues. It clearly reflects, that servers are most of the time up leads to running of sites all the time. It shows high and top notch performance and max reliability.

With this, data centres completely adhere to the latest regulations of data security and physical structure protection. Highly safe and secure SSL Certificates are also offered as they can protect the information or data stored on site of clients. Moreover, by this, it ensures security and high reliability.

Hosting Plans

Keliweb hosting plans offers a list of features such as free domain name, Web stats, Panel cPanel, Unlimited My SQL Db, Unlimited Sub-domains, Softaculous, Cron, FTP access, Autoresponders, 99.9% SLA and others. Cheap hosting plans include Unlimited MySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin, Support of Programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Control Panel cPanel, unlimited subdomains, SMTP/POP/IMAP, Webmail, etc.

Windows hosting plans offers a set of useful features like Unlimited Subdomains & Monthly Bandwidth, Plesk 12 Control Panel. E-Mail based are Unlimited Mailboxes, Autoresponders, Webmail, Forwarding, SMTP/POP/IMAP. Database features are MSSQL Server 2008, 2012 and 2014, phpMyAdmin, Backups, MySQL Database Wizard etc. Supporting languages are LINQ, PHP 5.x, SSI, Perl 5.5, FTP Accounts. Others are Access logs, log error, 24*7 support with 99% SLA.

Dedicated Servers provides Connectivity Italian, Unlimited Traffic, Reinstalling Remote OS, Root Access / Administrator with Basic support.

Cloud hosting offers Multi PHP Languages such as PHP 4.x or 5.x, SSD Hosting, Automatic Backups, Unlimited E-Mails, cPanel, Remote Mgt. DB,

Features & Control Panel


Company has done a good job in terms of offering support to the customers. Clients are served round the clock, for 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week. An excellent technical support is offered to resolve technical issues fast. Technical experts are well trained in their fields and thus offering high quality and prompt response to clients so that they can be satisfied to a large extent. A client can establish contact to customer care via e-mail, live chat, phone, support ticket. Informative guides and FAQ`s are also there to assist clients.



Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

There is no provision of refund policy in the context of web hosting plans. Most of the web hosts offer this policy to their clients so that they can use this policy in the situations when they found services unsatisfactory and may ask for a refund in a specific duration as decided by the provider.

However, unfortunately refund policy or in other words, we can say, money back guarantee is not offered by the Keliweb to their clients.


A Web hosting company considered as an experienced provider, offers a broad range of hosting services to their clients. To ensure high performance, 99.9 percent SLA, to ensure reliability, SSL Certificates are offered with quality technical support.

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