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Biggest Web attack of More than 1TB

Biggest Web attack of More than 1TB Reported by OVH founder Octave Klaba

The previous attack was of 620Gbps (Gigabits per second) on security expert Brian Krebs’ website, which leads to website offline for nearly a week.

OVH attacked by a botnet (zombie army) of hacked devices such as webcams to knock it offline. It has thrown the spotlight once again on the security of IOT (Internet of Things) devices. A website is hit by a massive amount of data so-called distributed denial of service attack.

According to Akmail the security firm that supported the site – the attack was nearly double the size of any previous one it had seen and was “among the biggest assaults the internet has ever witnessed”.

Recently Symantec security firm reports that cybercriminals looking for vulnerable devices such as TVs, home security systems and webcams for IOT malware.

Symantec General Manager Nick Shaw says:
[QUOTE]Cybercriminals are interested in cheap bandwidth to enable bigger attacks. They obtain this by hijacking our devices and stitching together a large web of consumer devices that are easy to infect because they lack sophisticated security,[/QUOTE]

Chief Technology Officer at Security firm Corero Dave Larson says:

IoT botnets were disrupting the industry. The tools and devices used to execute the attacks are readily available to just about anyone; combining this with almost complete anonymity creates a recipe to break the internet.

Now cybercriminals are targeting Online gambling companies. A new most powerful DDOS attack ‘Mirai' registered publicly on September 30, 2016, hacking community website HackForums. Thousands of meaningless requests for information temporarily paralyzes the company's website until demanded a ransom paid or web-hosting technical can fend off the threat.

Hackers have potent to hold, and online business owners are unsure to protect themselves and their customers completely. The bot has terrifying capabilities and is multitudinous in nature, and coming from every place on the face of the planet.

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