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10 Benefits Of Using Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting Benefits

The web hosting which is carried out on Microsoft Windows Server platform and also allows web pages to be hosted by using classic ASP and/or ASP.NET platform is termed as Windows Hosting. Windows Hosting can be run by usage of Windows Web servers like Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 servers. Only this type of hosting serves with MS Access database. Many of its trustworthy features are meant for assimilating any business along with the internet. Window hosting can easily and simply integrate the products of Microsoft to websites. Features like the Cold Fusion and ODBC database connectivity can be used for this hosting only and not by the UNIX. The web hosting packages which provide the services of window hosting is termed as Window Hosting Provider. Window Hosting Provider must have FrontPage Extension Support. It must support the Classic A.S.P 3.0, PHP5 or PHP4. It should be able to host many domains in one account. There should be a good control panel usually Plesk for window hosting. It should offer good anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Above all, it should possess the capability for any development or improvement in future. It has a good persuasive value and is an operative medium by which client communication is possible. It is reliable as it is manufactured by Microsoft which is a leading manufacturer of a large number of renowned software. It ensures complete safety and security of the website from hackers. This hosting provider makes sure that no update crashes the server.

After having a complete knowledge of Windows hosting we will switch to our core theme i.e. 10 Benefits Of Using Windows Hosting.

The 10 benefits of using windows hosting are:
1.    As Windows hosting works well with most systems and applications that’s why it is expedient to use as we don't have to worry about support options. Only Windows hosting gives cherished Microsoft-specific business solutions like Sharepoint Services, Microsoft CRM, Exchange.
2.    We don't have to bring the extra tools to achieve our objectives as they are already set up and ready to use. This gets our website up and running faster. New programs will not need to be learned as the host offers Microsoft software integration.
3.    For the individuals who need higher performance database storage Windows web hosting services are perfect solutions for them.
4.     Windows can be integrated with  access database without any issue. This type of database offers high performance and can be used for either corporate or personal uses.
5.    By this type of hosting the transition goes as smoothly as possible with the minimum amount of downtime. It is a significant choice to expand the business.
6.    Windows website hosting services delivers server-side support. This is true of NET, Perl, FrontPage extension and ASP among others. Nothing is more annoying than having to contact a variety of manufacturers when we run into an issue with our site. This reduces the need to do so.
7.    Windows website hosting services are reliable and stable. Oodles of customers use this platform design because it is user friendly.
8.    Windows Hosting comprises new security features recurrently.
9.    Windows web hosting services are cost-effective. The cost of web hosting on all platforms has come down substantially. Everyone from large corporations to small businesses and individuals can afford quality hosting, irrespective of the platform.
10.     We can administrate via Remote Desktop, this program now comes with all Windows XP versions. So, we do not need to upload any additional utilities like Radmin, VNC, etc.

Thus,these 10 benefits of Windows Hosting reveals it’s importance, role, and areas of application in the online world. They not only signifies it’s significance but also reveals that why Windows hosting is preferred over other hosting as windows Hosting is a sign of our upgraded technology.

Windows 10X

Microsoft announced the upcoming Windows 10X Operating System during a Surface event in New York City. The company could market the OS as Connected, Familiar, Adaptive, Calm, and Effortless.

In 2020 Surface Neo and Duo would get launched.

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