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CMS Africa Summit 2016: First Time in Uganda

Recently, CMS Africa Summit was held from 1st to 2nd April., 2016 at Gems Cambridge International School in Luzira. The Summit was held for the first time in Uganda and third time in Africa. It is Africa's premier web and mobile summit. It was powered by WordPress along with support from Airtel Uganda and Africa's Talking. Content Management System, also known as CMS, is a computer application which supports the creation and modification of digital content using a common user interface. It supports multiple users working in a collaborative environment. Features of a CMS generally include SEO friendly URLs, integrated online help and easy user-group management.

About the Summit

The two day summit was an attraction for many industrial professionals, scholars, web developers, internet service providers, web hosting companies, eCommerce sellers, web administrators, open source organizations and students. There were thirty speakers and forty sessions about what moves the IT industry forward and what old practices need to be discarded. Many professionals had business based approaches towards their subjects. They shared perspectives from their companies which made them realistic and easier to connect with the audience.

Information given by Speakers

Many myths related to Drupal were dismissed. Benjamin Kiyita, a specialist in Drupal Development, said that all these beliefs about Drupal were false. He focused on how easy to use it is. He also spoke about its enthusiastic users and the beautiful themes Drupal offered. Hagen Graf, a consultant and web architect, was another participant in the summit who gave information about how people could get rich and famous using Joomla. Also, he showed the other participants existing opportunities and examples of businesses related to Joomla. A Google Development expert, Eugene Kiplagat shared his views about the progress of web apps and their safety, responsiveness and stability. He said that web apps are easier to use than mobile apps. There were other speakers from Woothemes who shared their ideas with the audience on how WordPress could be developed both through offline and online mediums.


There were other sessions on businesses and blogging. There was a special two day hackathon for hackers in which they had to build a commercially viable app. The CMS Africa Summit'16 was definitely a successful and informative event.


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