An artificial intelligence module has been developed by IRCTC to find anomalies in standard operating procedures using CCTV footage. With this module base, Kitchens will be monitored pan India. The Artificial Intelligence module realizes the value of their videos and photos with vision computing. It can detect an unexpected change or an event that does not conform to the expected pattern using their machine learning algorithms.

To begin with, 16 base kitchens of IRCTC have been installed with high definition cameras connected to huge monitors for AI vision detection. Live streaming of 16 base kitchens is played all the time. The system detects anomalies of headgear, uniforms, rodents, and mopping across kitchens and raises issues to be dealt accordingly with by IRCTC.

The AI system will be used to improve upon catering units. The system is capable of tracking any anomaly in the entire operation of catering. Suppose if a chef or any kitchen supervisor is not wearing their uniform, including the mandatory cap, the AI system will track that and automatically raises a report to the concerned contractor immediately. If the matter is not addressed within a certain time, it will further be reported to IRCTC authorities in charge.

Once an issue has been captured through Artificial intelligence, a ticket will be created automatically by the system. An alert for the same will be sent to all concerned via email as well as through the portal for necessary action. The escalation matrix will be followed as per the predefined procedure. Base-kitchens performance over a while can be viewed through reports given in the online platform provided.

The module has been developed in association with a New Delhi-based company called WOBOT.

Source: Press Release
Release ID: 1531663
Date: May 08, 2018
PIB Delhi