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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Zipcloud

Zip Cloud : Company overview

Zip Cloud is a company that offers back up services. This company started operating in the industry back in the year 2011. The company has its headquarters in Whitely, United Kingdom. The company is a subsidiary of the JDI Backup Limited. This company offers their clients cloud backup services for their documents, music and photos.

Performance/Reliability and Uptime report

The company operates from well-equipped state of threat data centers, which ensures they deliver high quality and well performing back up services. On top of that, the backup services that the company offers give clients 99.9% guaranteed network uptime. The customer support team at the company is available 24/7, which enhances the reliability of their back up services.

Hosting plans

Zip Cloud offers clients only two businesses back up hosting plans $100GB plan which comes with 5 computer licenses and the $500GB plan which comes with 20 computer licenses. Some of the features that come with these plans include, an increased fill size limit, up to 5GB, free network drive back up, 150 user accounts, admin control panel, free external drive backup and a 30-day money back guarantee among others.

The Zip Cloud reseller back up services operate in 3 hosting plans: the 500GB plan, the 1TB hosting plan and the 2TB hosting plan.

Features and Control panel

Zip Cloud offers their clients a variety of features. Some of the features that Zip Cloud offers include mobile access, file protection, Selective Backups, 100% automated backups, idle backups, unlimited file sharing, unlimited sync computers, an Online Control Panel, encrypted, filemanager, unlimited file versioning and folder sharing among many other features. Zip Cloud furthermore supports a variety of platforms; Kindle Fire, Windows 8 ready, Mac OS, Mobile Optimized, Windows compatible, Mac compatible, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux compatible and Blackberry App compatible. Some of the other features that are included are, a free network drive back up, more than 150 user accounts, admin control panel, unlimited devices per user, instant activation, unlimited cloud storage space free external drive backup and an anytime money back guarantee among others.

Their back up services uses an online control panel.


The customer support team from the company can be reached via phone, e-mail and live chat. On top of that, the support team is available 24/7 to cater to clients hosting needs. The company also offers a FAQs section and tutorials, which clients can access for further support.

Coupons currently does not have any discount coupons on offers for their clients.



Cancellation/Refund Policy

Zip Cloud offers their clients an anytime money back guarantee. This ensures that clients can get a refund anytime if they are unsatisfied with the services offered by the company.


The backup services that Zip cloud offers their clients are of high quality and are very reliable. On top of that, the performance of their back up services is very good. The company’s back up services also come with a variety of very good features which clients can enjoy. The customer support team is also very helpful and is available throughout to cater to client’s needs.

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