Secure Hosting

Secure Hosting helps your site to be accessed by using HTTPS protocol that encrypts the data transmission between a visitor's web browser and your website. This is accomplished by adding an SSL certificate to your domain. Mostly the HTTPS protocol is used with e-commerce websites which sell products or services over the internet. The reason for the increased security is to protect the privacy of a visitor & customer transmission of confidential, personal, financial, or billing (credit card) information while making a transaction on a website.
At a more technical note, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the predecessor of TLS (Transport Layer Security). Moreover, both are cryptographic protocols which are designed to provide security over a network.

Secure Hosting Features

Secure hosting offers you the facility of the reliable server with hosting solutions. It mostly offers 99.9% up-time with world-class shared, virtual & dedicated hosting solutions to fulfill the needs of your growing business. These websites offer you the facility of –instant setup, free site migration, full SSD services, free & auto backup, 24/7 expert support, free domain registration, enhanced cPanel, softaculous installer, free CloudFlare CDN, unbeatable performance and many more.
Protecting mission-critical applications and sensitive information is an essential and ongoing effort which is required to coordinate with partnership and a proactive approach to reducing risk by all parties. That is why secure hosting employs in-depth, defensive approach to secure your website with safeguards with latest processes, and technologies. It assesses the security through monitoring capabilities, and responses on an ongoing basis for ensuring the cybersecurity landscape. They proactively turn away prospects to request resource consistency with spamming or other unethical activities and work with clients with sensitive data for making sure that they are taking adequate security precautions.

Administrative Security

Administrative Security is equally important as the physical and technical security of the data environment. It addresses the partnering with third-party hosting provider business-facing concerns. It can provide the administrative security that you need in the form of staff training, contractual requirements, and documented policies and procedures.

Physical Security

Physical Security undergoes with annual vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and independent auditing against the most current PCI DSS compliance standards for ensuring cardholder data remains protected.

Technical Security

Technical Security takes the security one step further with the SOC 2 audit and standardized expectations to protect digital data to ensure that sensitive data is appropriately controlled.

Secure Hosting & Payments

Mostly Secure Hosting companies offer a comprehensive selection of payment solutions to cater every possible processing requirement. It allows its customers to trade in the way they want to trade. They also offer credit card processing services for ensuring secure payments. They also provide the services of authentication, SSL certificates, anti-fraud tools, and bespoke development for virtual terminals and MOTO solutions. They have experienced skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated team. They are always ready to help & assist you & will glad to discuss your requirements and deliver a solution that works best for you. They also listen to any new business development ideas you may have. Whatever your business needs you can rest assured that Secure Hosting & Payments will meet your payment challenges head on.

Secure Hosting Companies

There are lots of web hosting companies online available which offer you various facilities to set up Secure Hosting, which creates a free self-signed SSL certificate for any domain or sub-domain which you are hosting under any active paid hosting plan and many more.