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Hosting Plan As Per Needs

Every customer is unique and has specific needs. Hosting companies create plans for such amorphous group of customer, offering similar hosting features.
Hosting Plan As Per NeedsAlthough, most of the hosting accounts have same requirements. But there are individuals or businesses with specific or peculiar needs. To effectively run a hosting company, it is required to gain insights of customers. The skills, knowledge, ability to use and access technology and perception, all qualities need to consider before creating hosting plans.
Every customer calls for a different treatment. Hence while making plans, a perfection required reaching to the desired state of needs.

Hosting companies should avoid features, whose services they cannot provide in long-run, as it causes harm to business finally.” Executive, SiteGeek.

Features of Good Hosting Plan

  • Self-Persuading: Includes all the features, which convince and win customers. Most customers endorse those plans, as best and generate focussed intention.
  • Informative: Provide information to the customers about the skills required to manage, complexities involved, support-level and technological constraints. Give the exact idea to the customer, about the hosting services, and to which segment of hosting customer its best suits. In the plan provide links to the reports, technical documents, knowledgebase, tutorials, and videos.
  • Creative focussing on Niche Market: Create the attention of niche market, by providing significance of the package. Provide the details of promotions and methods to avail them.
  • Responsibilities: Provide the details of functions and operations, which a hosting company would do and takes responsibility and accountability. It is invaluable trait and essential quality, mentioned in the plan for future reference.
  • Standard or Universal Sign up Process: Use the standard or universal signup structure widely used and recognized. It makes the operation easy and cost-effective. The hosting business is carried out internationally on an unprecedented scale, the fundamental uniformity and structure make the sign-up process simple and fast.
  • Standardized Templates: Use pre-determined formats for correspondence for functions and operations like a welcome letter, invoice payment reminders, circulars, notices and latest development newsletters. Most hosting companies use WHMCS customer and billing management software, which provides tools and templates for all kinds of letters, easily customizable to be effective and easily understood in varying environments.
  • Positive Image or Brand Building: Make the plan, as customers should remember and recognize and become the favorable image of the hosting company. It should become the company's reputation and base. Furthermore, helping to get new customers while retaining the old ones.
  • Hosting Plan Arrangement: Display the plan features based on its priority and recommendations. The price, bandwidth, and space should occupy top space, as customers compare the hosting companies on those bases.

Proper hosting plan management is critical and creates goodwill for business. Hence, allocating responsibility to create, as per needs in common universal format is on top-priority for most hosting companies.