There are very simple 3 step processes to find out the perfect domain name using some free online tools

Step 1: Decide on a Theme.
It is very important that you decide on a Theme for your web page. Once you decide on a theme you should pick a Name that works well with your Theme. If your theme is about Pets you wouldn\'t want your Domain Name to be All-About-Plants.

Step 2: Find a Domain Name
If you do not have a Domain Name yet and if you are at a Loss at what name to use don\'t despair their are a few free online tools you can use. If your web site theme is Debt Reduction and Bill consolidation then you would probably want a Domain Name with one or more of those words in it.

Step 3: Register Your Domain
Before you can register your Domain name you need to make sure it is still available. Once you have found that Perfect Domain Name and verified it is indeed available Internic has a List of approved Internet Registrars You will notice that the List of Registrars is Long and confusing.

Host Your Domain
Now all that is left is to host your Domain. There are hundreds of Web Hosts available some good and some not so good. It is really hard to know which ones to use. Now anytime you want a New Home on the Web Just follow this simple 3 Step System.