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Ensure Online Security

Ensure Online SecurityWe are too sensitive towards our privacy. Then what happens to us while sharing on social media platforms. A layman is not an expert journalist, so either the platform should create certain privacy boundary, or people get enough training to understand what doesn't need to be shared. Furthermore, also can maintain privacy and security using specific tools.

The people are innocent, and their life is almost like open-page. They are safe till their environment is small only of knowns and their wellwisher. But, on the Internet, no one should ever try to non-private. Always have your digital presence safe for that share information with precaution.

“Law ignorance is also law abidance” is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because one was unaware of its content. Nobody is thought to be ignorant of the law or not knowing the law is harmful. (Wikipedia)

It is simple and does not require high-fi technology experience. Your understanding of what needs to be shared outside and what need to keep inside a house is applicable while sharing on the Internet. Outside the world have different types of persons which include criminals also, but you are safe at home. So, on the Internet, where friends are there but not-to-forget the cybercriminals existence. The Internet is a powerful and useful tool, but like on electrical or glass appliances it's not written anywhere ‘Handle or use it with care.'

Install Fedora – Ensure Online Security

In most developing countries, people use pirated Microsoft operating system, which never updates. They might feel happy, but they would be unaware that their system might get hacked and even they won't be able to detect hacker doing mischievous activities on their device. To save a few dollars they left their system vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other online threats. The updated operating system provides the first and most forceful defense layer to the system security. If you wish to save dollars then install Fedora, a free open source operating system, which gets regularly patched and all the software, web browsers and tools get updated giving the best security available.

Spam or Junk Folder – Ensure Online Security

Not every email landing in junk folder is spam, yet most of them are. Always give a second thought before clicking links in emails, social media platform posts or chats, coming from an unknown source. That is why most of such emails land in the junk folder. Even, if you know that source is valid but if a link appears suspicious, send it to junk, don't open it, as cybercriminals might have done some spear phishing to dope you to compromise your personal information.

Don't download Games from an unknown source – Ensure Online Security

Most are habitual of playing games on mobiles. The various gaming sites lure such persons to download the games from their servers. Often cybercriminals disseminate viruses and malware hidden within these games applications. The cybercriminals hack these small devices, get access the private information and further use the same to launch their activities. Always have a good quality anti-virus, anti-malware installed, and not let your Bluetooth remains open all time.

Never purchase or enter financial details on sites without encryption – Ensure Online Security

Although, it is compulsory to have SSL installed on e-commerce, banking, shopping and sites offering online tickets. But sometimes, the owner of such portals fail or forget to renew the SSL. Then the extra measure is required to protect yourself from financial loses.

Have patience, let the security software to do its job – Ensure Online Security

It takes a few seconds or minutes for security software to check the plugged device for infection. Most of the people cancel it immediately, as they understand it to be in good shape. But, sometimes such decisions may also go wrong. Be aware!

Keep Backup of essential files on a G-suite cloud – Ensure Online Security

Get the premium G-suite from Google and backup your important data, work and digital information on its drive. So, you can access it from anywhere and also you can back up to a safe place.