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Choosing Dedicated Server

When choosing a dedicated server, there are several things to consider: Operating System, Hardware options, Space, and bandwidth.

The Operating System of a server is similar to that on your personal computer have that enables one to perform tasks more simply.

There are many server operating systems available today including Linux-based and Windows-based software. The operating system you choose should be directly relational to what operations your server will be performing, which types of software you’ll need to install and also, what you’re more comfortable with.

Hardware Options are also something to consider when choosing a dedicated server. You’ll need to pick a processor that’s up to the task, the amount of memory you wish installed, firewall options, and the size of the hard drive.

A certain amount of bandwidth is generally included when renting or leasing a dedicated server

Once you ascertained how much bandwidth you will require, you can adjust that limit with your service provider.

If the rate of a web hosting plan and the offer they put forward regarding server resources are not congruent, it can be safely assumed that the plan is a scam.

Hosting companies should provide ‘unlimited bandwidth and memory space'.

Choose the host which is relatively old in this field, because new hosts do not provide cheap plans.

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