Affordable web page hosting is a hosting plan with minimum pricing and maximum features. There pricing is so low that it won’t hurt the pocket of the customers.

Affordable web hosting plans are designed for all types of hosting needs, ranging from a basic website to a sophisticated e-commerce storefront. In case of affordable web page hosting Linux web hosting solutions include PHP web hosting, domain hosting, FrontPage web hosting, e-commerce hosting, reseller web hosting, a virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated server hosting. Most of affordable web page hosting provides inexpensive Web hosting solutions, including a free domain with the purchase of Web hosting.
Affordable web page hosting comes with a comprehensive selection of Cpanel, FrontPage, and FTP file transfer Movie Tutorials to ensure your web hosting experience is positive, efficient and user-friendly.

The hosting companies providing affordable web page hosting gives

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Affordable web page hosting plans include the Control Panel. cPanel is the industry leader in website control panels. With cPanel, it is very easy to manage email accounts, set up spam filtering, view website statistics, install databases, install software, backup/restore files, and much more.

Non-Oversold Web Hosting
Overselling is when a hosting company oversells the capacity of the server by offering “unlimited” disk space. A hard drive with unlimited storage is nonexistent. Hosting companies that offer unlimited disk space are counting on you using a small amount of space. This is an unknown variable. If the server reaches its space capacity, not only will you be unable to update your website, but all services will stop working — database, email, and your website! Every gigabyte of disk space that these companies sell is assigned to the customer that purchased it. You are able to use 100% of what you buy.

Security and Privacy
The hosting company is committed to protecting and securing all subscriber provided information, through the use of firewalls, SSL encryption, and additional security measures in place at the physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of such information. Their data centers incorporate the latest technologies in IDS (Intrusion Detection System) to monitor and protect against malicious attacks. Access to the server racks is limited with the use of key cards. In addition, the servers are protected behind internal firewalls and monitoring software.

Freedom to Register your Domain Name Anywhere
Some web hosts give free domain names with their accounts. The problem is, many of these hosts retain ownership of the domain. This means that if you don't like their service and want to change hosts, you cannot because you would be leaving your domain behind. Or, if they let you take the domain, they will charge you to transfer the domain, at a rate higher than it would have cost to register the domain yourself. They are, in effect, holding your domain hostage. But some companies purposely keep web hosting and domain registration separate. You can register your domain name anywhere and use services elsewhere this would help you to cut your expenses on hosting plans to a great deal.