Hostpapa is continuing its growth strategy by launching two new data centers: one in the US-West (California) and Europe (Amsterdam) as demand for cloud services increases.

The data center locations allow HostPapa clients to locally host their cloud-based services such as websites and email in regions around the world, which may assist with reducing latency and improvement of data-transfer speeds. For example, by choosing a data center in closer proximity to their location, customers may improve their website's overall performance and optimize the delivery of web page content and load speed by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user.

HostPapa founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Opalchuk said: “To satisfy our clients' demand for additional local points of presence, and to continue our ongoing investment in enhancing our technology offerings, we are excited to announce two new data center locations today. Adding these data centers confirms HostPapa's strong commitment to customers in the European and United States markets.”

In keeping with HostPapa's commitment to protecting customers' privacy and providing a secure environment for their cloud-based services, all HostPapa data centers comply with local data security and regulations. The company plans to continue investing in other geographically dispersed data center locations in the near future.

About HostPapa

Source: Press Release
Date: May 19, 2020
Name: Emily Dean
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