‘Aruba Business Limited’ is an Italian hosting services provider and is a leader in proving quality and reliable internet and hosting solutions in Italy. It provides a variety of hosting solutions from web hosting to dedicated servers, cloud virtual servers, collocation, server housing, domain hosting, dedicated IP addresses, and SSL certificates. Business.aruba.it has an excellent team of customer care professionals that is available round the clock via e-mail, phone, and live chat to look after the needs of clients. It operates from a well-equipped state of the art data center to ensure it delivers maximum reliability and stability.

Key Selling Points

  • In 2014 became the Official Registry for the prestigious “.cloud” extension.
  • A founding member of CISPE – the coalition of Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe, which created a specific Code of Conduct to anticipate the GDPR. Furthermore, helping customers and end users retain control of their data and trust their service providers.
  • cloud platform compliant with GDPR regulations

Establishment: 1994

Headquarters: Italy


  • CEO: Stefano Cecconi

Data Center

  • Include comprehensive outsourcing of IT infrastructure, multi-carrier connectivity, routing and hardware supplies. Furthermore, multi-purpose areas to fulfill the broadest range of logistical needs.
  • Designed to be energy efficient, using renewable sources, such as an external hydroelectric plant and a photovoltaic system with a geothermal cooling system.
  • Hyper Cloud Data Center in Tecnopolo Tiburtino area, Rome and is called IT4, its fourth Italian data center and the ninth for the whole European network. It would offer US and international corporations a foundation for their IT infrastructure in Italy. It is certified by the European Guarantee of Origin scheme (GO Certification), as produces photovoltaic energy and uses cooling systems with optimized efficiency (free-cooling);
  • Can host over 200,000 servers

Services Offered

  • web hosting, email, certified email (PEC) and domain registration services
  • Cloud Services: Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Cloud Backup and Cloud Object Storage services. The services identified by a ‘CISPE-declared service' hallmark. It certifies that the provider will not access or use the data of customers for its own purposes, such as data mining, data profiling or direct marketing. Hence, allow customers and citizens to freely store their data securely within the European Economic Area.
  • dedicated servers, physical and cloud infrastructure solutions, and disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
  • housing and colocation services, managed services, digital signatures, digital preservation, and smart-card production.
  • Extensive experience in the creation and management of Data Centers, having a network active at European level

Jelastic PaaS on Cloud

  • An innovative solution based on container technology
  • It offers maximum scalability through container technology and Cloudlets, resource units corresponding to 400 Mhz of CPU and 128 MB of RAM.

Number of Customers

  • Manages over 2.6 million domains
  • 8.6+ million email accounts
  • 6+ million certified email (PEC) accounts
  • 130,000+ physical and virtual servers
  • 5+ million customers
  • Its European network capable of hosting around 60,000 racks

Target Customers:

  • ISVs, telcos, hosting providers and enterprises
  • Active in the key European markets including France, the UK and Germany, and is the market leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with an established presence in Poland and Hungary

What for Customers?

  • Reliable and high-performance solutions exceeding market standards
  • Scalable with increased data production
  • Offers unique solutions with the highest level of efficiency and performance.
  • The company creates a modern ecological network of data centers

Latest News

  • (October 05, 2017) Opened North Italy’s largest data center campus on the outskirts of Milan. A two-day event organized on the occasion and astronaut Umberto Guidoni was among the guest.