Websense Security that fits Customer Needs

Nowadays, data theft and targeted attacks are changing web security rapidly. URL filtering and anti-virus products are not enough for complete information security. For this, customer needs innovative data loss prevention and real-time defenses technologies to beat against attacks. This may include a combination of seven stages of modern threats which lead to data theft.

Websense web security products offer high defensive and modern technologies. Due to this, a company may protect enterprise and employees from today’s attacks by providing web security solution and unified application access. Websense has included forward thought process features including data capture, threat dashboards, sandbox analysis of malware, data-aware defensive and forensic reporting, all these points provide containment of sensitive information.

Moreover, a customer can control business risk with comprehensive security posture for outbound web users and web-based applications both. IT department will also get benefits along with SSL offload, reverse SSL proxy, delivering traffic management, URL filtering, malware prevention and more.

Improve Performance and Security:

Websense layered with efficiency and scale of BIG-IP technology. Their solutions are designed to get all challenging web, access security, application, and optimization. Moreover, solutions frequently reduce architecture complexity and data security footprints. Their systems protect enterprise application data from loss or theft. As a result, highly available architecture unmatched in security effectiveness, and it is secure and fast.

Threatseeker Network:

Currently, modern malware needs modern security along with real-time defenses and main focus on URL analysis such as private networking page and SSL. Websense web security safeguard against threats through depending on the seven defense assessments of Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE).

Websense Seven Stages of Advanced Attacks:

Advanced attack- lures, dropper files, data theft, reconnaissance, call home communications and redirects. Websense security solution offers specific defenses for each stage. For example inbound protection from advanced threats and data theft.

Websense Web Security Gateway- Protection against Advanced Threats

Websense solutions protect remote and onsite employees from the present threats in hybrid solutions. Add Websense CysberSecurity Intelligence services to get malware sandboxing and access to security labs threat researchers.

Core Features:
  • Websense TruBed DLP capability protects from data loss. It comes with excellent features like detection of criminal encrypted uploads; slow data leaks, geo-location destination and password file data theft.
  • High-tech threat dashboard identifies detail on what data and who was attacked, how the attack was performed and where the data is.
  • Websense TruHybrid deployment safeguards total networks such as branch offices, mobile and remote users and headquarters.
  • Gateway threat analysis has threat intelligence from Websense ThreatSeeker. Their network protects against spam, advanced malware, and blended threats.
Websense Cloud Web Security Gateway- An effective web security

It analyzes web content and identifies threats with real-time defenses. Their global data centers provide simple provisioning, high availability and cheap costs for customers in anywhere. Today web security needs advanced real-time defenses with a lower cost of operations, ease of deployment and availability of cloud security service.

Core Features:
  • Gateway threat analysis uses inline security system from Websense ACE and threat intelligence from Websense ThreatSeeker.
  • Social media controls handle use of LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social sites.
  • Containment defenses observe entire inbound and outbound communications.
  • Worldwide data centers
  • Connect all users and locations without hardware provisioning
  • Authentication service offers clientless authentication for roaming and office users.

Websense Web Security- Free threat protection

Web security stops web threat to lessen malware infection, free up valuable IT resources and minimize help desk incidents. It has more than 100 filtering categories and security, lots of web application and protocol controls and more than 60 reports with customization access. To get SSL inspection, social media control, data loss prevention and real-time security, a customer can simply upgrade to web security gateway.

Core Features
  • Security updates from Websense ThreatSeeker network.
  • Network port monitoring
  • Video controls provide custom allow/deny filters, protect network resources and control over viral, and more
  • Robust reporting

Websense Web Filter- Leading web qualification

It enables compliance with regulations and offers 100 plus web categories, customizable allow/deny lists, YouTube for Schools video control and time quotas and so on.

Core Features:
  • Video controls
  • Updates from Websense ThreatSeeker Network
  • Websense network agent control 150 plus applications and protocols
  • Websense TRITON Unified Security Center
  • Robust Reporting includes 60 plus pre-defined reports

Today web security requires the availability of cloud security, ease of deployment and low cost of operations. Websense Web security solutions detect threats and analyze web content. ThreatSeeker Network offers real-time updates for 10000 analytics to ACE (advanced classification engine) classifiers.