Shared hosting is the popular hosting for small and medium size websites. It offers affordable hosting solutions for beginners. Customers can share their hosting space with others and for WordPress blog or site, shared hosting is best choice. Moreover, with this hosting various websites can host on single server.

SEO Shared Hosting

If we talk about SEO, then we need our own server. Basically, web hosting companies offer both shared and dedicated server hosting. There are number of reasons to choose shared hosting. It costs very less on monthly basis, for your tight budget you can go with shared hosting. They provide security for your websites along with additional security software on free or discounted rates.

Features of Good SEO Shared Hosts:

  • Site Speed- Speed of your website will come down to their networking infrastructure. You can ask about the hardware your site run on and what kind of performance given by the server.
  • Availability of Site- Site down can create a bad impression over Google or client. Once Google will try to reach your site again but a client may not. Therefore, you should choose a web host with 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • Security- SEO shared hosts provide additional security in the form of anti-spam and antivirus software. In addition, customers get firewalls, DDoS protection, antivirus apps and more. So before select hosts make sure about these security features are available with the hosts or not.
  • Load Balancing- Load balancing concept applies only with shared hosts. It means that if four sites on the same server, server should not be giving all of the hardware access to one site. It can lead to slower speed or downtime for other sites. So it is necessary that server should balance loads in such a way that all sites run as fast as possible.

Shared Hosting Affect SEO Ranking- Myth or Truth

Recently in the online industry, you can hear about common myth of shared hosting is any illegal website hosted on the shared hosting with using same IP, Google might take action on hosted site on same IP. Most of the SEO owners added that if website is hosted on shared hosting and sharing IP with other websites which contain illegal content, it will not affect your SEO ranking. Search engine ranking depends upon 200+ factors and shared hosting and IP are not measurement of your search engine ranking.
Nowadays, number of websites hosted on shared servers, Google has stated that all websites on shared IP can’t be treated as one, and its aims to offer best search results possible for all those on shared IP would be harmful to this interest. As a result, possible scenario in which search ranking can be negatively affected from sharing an IP address would be id high quantity of bad sites forcefully outnumbered the amount of legal sites on shared server.
Overall, shared hosting doesn’t affect website ranking in any case. But there are other issues such as spam or blacklisted IP can happen due to shared IP.

Pros of SEO Shared Hosting:

  1. SEO is easy to use and acquire back-links in less time, generate traffic to your site.
  2. It is valuable investment and offers benefits in terms of profit and sales.
  3. Increase website ranking through optimizing with keywords.
  4. Increase sales and multiple websites created to get higher ranks.
  5. Simple modifications and optimization of strategies drawn submitting to terms of other’s websites.